Dubbed Book on Book, this beautiful object is a “book” that you put… on a book! Created by Japanese design studio Tent, this transparent page holder keeps your book open, and does so beautifully.

Designed to make it easy to keep your eye on a certain page while doing other tasks like cooking, using a computer, etc, it also doubles as a beautiful sculptural piece. It’s one of those wins in design that combines function, form and beauty all in one. We love the simplicity of it and would totally put this to use here at Brit HQ, or on our coffee tables at home.

From a functional standpoint, this would be super useful while cooking to both protect your cookbook and simply hold the right page open.

This could also serve as a way to elevate a certain spread in a coffee table book or magazine to a more artful level. Change what’s on display every day or every week, to give your space a refresh. It’s a bookmark that will quite literally make you look!

You can snag your own Book on Book on Buddy Tools for $64, plus shipping from Japan.

What unusual book-related objects have you seen lately? Any other innovative examples of Japanese design? Talk to us in the comments below.