You keep scrolling through Instagram and 鈥渓iking鈥 all of those brush lettering posts, right? Us too! If only you could make your own pretty lettering. But your handwriting isn鈥檛 that great, so how could you possibly create something good enough for Instagram?

Well, the truth is, your handwriting doesn鈥檛 need to be perfect. In fact, lettering isn鈥檛 even about your handwriting! It鈥檚 more about learning to draw specific strokes using various brush pen techniques. And, lucky you, you can finally learn how!

We collaborated with Tombow and lettering lover Brittany Luiz to create an online class that will do just that!

In her brush lettering course, Bounce Lettering Basics, Brittany鈥檚 going to teach you this quirky lettering style using Tombow brush pens. It鈥檚 time to start bouncing!




By the end of this lettering class, you鈥檒l know how to:

  1. Use Tombow brush pens to draw a script and block letter alphabet.
  2. Apply the right strokes (and pressure) to create bounce lettering words and phrases.
  3. Use blending techniques to add extra oomph to your designs.
  4. Create your own custom hand-lettered cards (you鈥檒l create two in this class!).

And Brittany says practice makes perfect! So keep practicing the techniques taught in her class and make sure to utilize the exclusive 24-page course workbook that includes:

  • A list of her tried and true hand lettering supplies
  • A lettering terminology guide (you鈥檙e gonna sound like a pro!)
  • Instructions on how to mimic basic brush strokes
  • Script and block letter alphabet examples and practice sheets
  • Bounce lettering examples to master this fun lettering technique

And if you need more inspo, just check out all the projects in Brittany鈥檚 Instagram feed:

Ready to start bouncing? Enroll in our beginner-friendly brush lettering class today.

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