As we get closer and closer to Re:Make 2016 (happening Friday, September 30 *AND* Saturday, October 1 — mark your calendars, people!), the list of must-see speakers keeps expanding to impressive heights! Kinda feels like we’re about to break a glass ceiling or something ;)

We have #girlbosses like supermodel and Tyra Beauty Creator Tyra Banks, SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan, Founder and Creative Director of Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso and a long list of ladies who define career goals speaking at our annual event (check out the impressive roster HERE). But now, we’ve also got a fashion-forward guy joining the lineup as a co-host on stage with Brit and former Bachelorette, blogger and TV personality Ali Fedotowsky. Everyone, say hello to celebrity stylist and E!’s Fashion Police co-host, Brad Goreski! *insert wave emoji here*

Whether or not you know Rachel Zoe’s former assistant, who nowadays is the guy behind some of your fave celeb’s red carpet looks, you definitely can relate to his energetic personality. Scroll through to find 15 GIFs of Brad Goreski doing things you probably (without a doubt) do on a daily basis. Make sure to come see his OTT adorableness IRL at Re:Make 2016!


1. We love any (and all) photo opps. If you see a camera, you pose for it — just like Brad. Playful hand gestures are ALWAYS required. (via RealityTVGIFs)


2. We *LOVE* seeing our fave people. How else do you greet your besties than with a little body roll pre-hug?! (via E!)


3. Sometimes life comes at us fast. We’ve all tripped over our own two feet at least several (hundred) times in our lives. But, just remember, it’s not about the fall, it’s about how gracefully you recover. Right, Brad?! (via GIPHY)


4. SALELIFE FOREVER! Some people love a sale, Brad?! By some people, we think you mean E V E R Y O N E. Whether you’re window shopping IRL or online, if you see a sale, you say something to your BFFs and then you all go HAM on that discounted merch. (via Lifetime)


5. We’ve all got a Sporty Spice side. We do… right?! (via Kate Spade NY)


6. We like to be dashing darlings. As Brad says, “I don’t do slutty.” We totally agree and believe it’s always better to stay classy with pops of sassy. Chic c’est la vie, y’all! (via Tumblr)


7. We get REALLY surprised by life’s randomness. Whether we bump into our boyfriend or BFFs (ugh, or exes) while driving to the grocery store or walking to work, it’s always a nice surprise. Well… most of the time. (via Tumblr)


8. We never want to commit Fashion Suicide. There are few things in life scarier than picking out an inappropriate outfit for an event, and Brad sums up the terror succinctly for all of us. Don’t you ever think about committing the ultimate sin. (via Tumblr)


9. We’ve all got opinions about LA. LA, we love you, but we’ve got issues with you. You know what you did! (via Tumblr)


10. Sometimes we get a little overwhelmed. And the only way to overcome that stress is to shout a three-word phrase every now and then. Examples include: OMG! WTF! (via Tumblr)


11. Outfit pride is a thing. When you’ve got an A+++ street style outfit, you’ve gotta show it off. In person. On every social media platform. And anywhere else that you can get eyeballs on your killer look. (via Tumblr)


12. We love, love, love a dance break. There’s nothing better than an afternoon booty bump as an espresso shot alternative to get through the rest of the day. Or a 30-minute meeting. Or that project that just got assigned to you that’s due by end of day (eeeeeeek!). (via Tumblr)


13. Shimmy shakes are always acceptable behavior. If you’re feeling your look, no one can deny your excitement. Not even the side eyes from your co-workers. (via E!)


14. We like to pretend we’re British. Who doesn’t try giving the two-cheek air kiss upon greeting a BFF (or random stranger) AT LEAST once a week?! Everyone raise your hand, you know you’re guilty of this. (via GIPHY)


15. We know how to take care of our BFFs. Yes, this includes carrying them out to their limo in an elegant gown for an awards show without a shirt on because THAT’S WHAT (hot) BEST FRIENDS ARE FOR, OKAY?! (via GIPHY)

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(Feature photo via @bradgoreski)