Hair hack alert! Let’s talk about a style that will get you seamlessly through the day and all the way to whatever the evening may bring. That’s right — we’re talking about braids. The classic style is never a bad idea, especially when you can bang out an easy braid for work and then get an entire new look when you effortlessly unfurl them into perfect tousled waves. As someone with short hair, I’m often left out of the plait convo — but I, too, wanted a stake in this hack, so I made sure to include braids-to-waves styles for gals of all varieties — all of which you can do in under 10 minutes!


How to Braid-to-Wave for Short Hair




— Start with towel-dried hair, or dampen your hair if it’s already dry.

— Twist or braid the sides of your hair back and then secure with bobby pins. I did a combination of both on each side of my head for some variety.

— In the back, I mostly did a bunch of small twists to keep it simple and channel my inner ’90s Gwen Stefani.

— Wear the style throughout the day, or simply let it sit while you go through your beauty routine. Remove the pins when you’re ready for your waves.

— Once you take the pins out, shake the twists loose and untangle the braids with your fingers. Welcome to instant volume.

How to Braid-to-Wave for Medium Hair




— Start with towel-dried hair, or spritz your strands with water and sea salt spray.

— Braid an inside-out French braid on both sides of your head.

— Tie off each braid with a small elastic, then twist the ends into little buns and pin in place in the back.

— Remove braids once hair is dry and then loosen the waves with your fingers.

How to Braid-to-Wave for Long Hair




— Start off with towel-dried hair or dampen with water to prep.

— Place small sections of French braids all around the circumference of your head, tying each one off with an elastic.

— Gather the braids from each side of your head and cross them over the back of your head, then twist them up and pin in place.

— Take the remaining braids in the back and twist them around until they make another twisted bun shape and pin in place.

— Rock the braid until dry or until the end of the day.

— Take the braids out and then tousle your hair with your fingers.




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Hair/Makeup: Misty Spinney
 Photography: Kurt Andre
 Models: Rebecca Pohlmann, Alicia Cox, Misty Spinney