Raise your hand if you have about three “dream home” boards on Pinterest. Now raise your hand if you think it would be awesome if Pinterest finally came to life and you were able to pin products while you shopped in a brick and mortar store. Turns out, Pinterest IRL has landed… but you’re going to need to fly to Brazil to see it in action. Boo. Brazilian furniture store Tok&Stok collaborated with Pinterest for the best shopping experience ever. And yes, there is a giant red thumbtack “pin it” button involved. Being able to pin furniture you’ve actually tried out and measured seems like a brilliant idea for everything from putting together a wedding registry checklist to decorating your apartment, since you can shop, try out furniture, save ideas and then act on them later once you’ve had time to think about it.


Each piece of furniture literally has a giant Pin-it (or should we say, “Save-it”) button next to it that you can push. Once you punch the giant button, it automatically connects with Pinterest via Bluetooth on your cell phone and adds it to your boards. The buttons connect to your Pinterest accounts via an app called Pinlist, so you can browse the store and save to your boards, all at the same time. Before you panic about random strangers adding Pins to your carefully curated “Interior” pinboard, the buttons in the store use short-range Bluetooth to ensure the Pin always goes to the right account. See the real-life pin button in action on Creativity, and then start petitioning your favorite home decor stores to offer up the Pin-it button IRL.

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(h/t Creativity)