Last week, we had our first official event in our brand new (and awesome) studio and event space! We teamed up with DAVIDsTEA and Evernote to throw a terrific tea party for local DIYers, bloggers, and creative folks. We had a mix of DIY projects, delicious food, tea cocktails, and obviously, a photo booth!

Here are the 15 creative things that made this great event… great!

1. DIY Washi Coaster Station: We set up a DIY washi coaster station complete with pretty patterned washi tape and tile coasters for taking home. We love the designs everyone came up with!

2. Gold and Color-Dipped Vases: Throughout the space, we had a whole bunch of gold-dipped vases made by our trusty interns. The flowers looks beautiful in them, and now our office is a whole lot more gilded ;)

3. Cork Chalkboards with Hand-Lettering: These gorgeous chalkboard signs were made by painting cork boards with chalkboard paint (yep, bulletin boards and chalkboards in one!) and hand-lettered by our amazing designer, Annie.

4. Rosette Photo Booth Backdrop: Things definitely got silly in our photo booth! And now we’ve got colorful rosettes all over the office – so fun!

5. Throw Pillows: As you may have seen on the site, we created a whole bunch of custom pillows just for this party. They looked beautiful on all the white furniture, and we’re tempted to make a whole bunch more for our upcoming conference, Re:Make.

6. Instagram Station: Obviously, we had to set up the perfect Instagram station for staging yummy tea sandwiches, confetti, and edible flowers.

7. Brit Kits: How could we let our visitors leave without a little DIY schwag? And doesn’t that marquee look awesome?

8. Strawberry Rhubarb Fizzy Tea Cocktails: Our bartender whipped up a whole bunch of delicious gin-based cocktails with fresh strawberries, rhubarb, and tea. Yum!

9. Washi Drink Stirrers: Naturally, we had to create drink stirrers for all our tea cocktails and iced teas. #weheartwashi

10. DAVIDsTEA: And what’s a tea party without tea?! DAVIDsTEA provided a whole bunch of innovative tea drink stations, including tea lattes, tea cocktails, and lots of tea goodies for everyone to take home.

11. Evernote: We already told you how we used Evernote to plan this summer soiree, but what you don’t know is that Evernote totally delivered by hiring Craftsman and Wolves to create all the food for the event. Our favorite piece? The DIY tea sandwich station, including crepes, blinis, and buckwheat crumpets. Oh, and caviar! Woot!

12. Jubilee Lau Events: A serious thank you goes out to Jubilee Lau, who made sure the event ran smoothly, and worked with all of our vendors to make it a big hit.

13. Blueprint Studio Furniture Rentals: How awesome is this gold pouf? Seriously though – it was hard to give back!

14. Tassel Balloons: We’re pretty much obsessed with these giant balloons with tassels and want to get 20 more to just have around the office.

15. Team Brit + Co: And of course, we never could have pulled this event off without everyone on staff here at Brit HQ. Thanks to everyone for crafting, eating, drinking, cleaning, and just being generally awesome.

All in all, we’d consider our first event a solid success! Stay tuned for more events in the near future here at Brit HQ. And for even more pics of the party, head to our Facebook page.