This week, Shaq made a personal revelation that he is a “tech geek” who spends up to $1,000 a week on apps. That made me think a couple things including, “WTF?” and “Oh. Shaquille O’Neal is way better at managing his iCloud than I am.” Even if you don’t have a Kazaam-sized appetite for smartphone add-ons, we have recommendations for a few you have to DL ASAP that won’t break your bank or your cloud.

Rooster: Hey busy person, if you don’t think you could ever find enough time to read, this app is going to help you locate it in those 15 minutes you’re in line at the DMV or on your morning commute. Even those ten (okay, five) in bed before you drift off at night. Rooster serves up installments of shorter reads, recommending what you skim next from current, best-selling authors to curated classics.

Cost: The service is $4.99 a month, but you can request an invite now for a two-week free trial

Couples Counseling & Chatting: Skip the silent treatment next time you’re mad at your boo and download this instead. The relationship app brings couples therapy to you and your mate, putting a therapist with actual advice in your pocket. Get relationship tips and chat with your partner using predefined messages to help you get your point across when you’re having a difficult time doing it the old-fashioned way. The success of an app like this will come down to user experience and the reviews so far are glowing.

Cost: Free for Android, but there are in-app purchases

Heyday: Aw, that journal looked so darn pretty. Too bad you didn’t fill more than the first page. With doodles. And don’t get us started about all those forgotten blogs. What a waste of good domain names! Well, TGF Heyday, which does the journaling for you and puts the APP in ScrAPPbooking (lol) keeping track of the places you go and the pictures you take. Even arranging them into beautiful collages for you to flip through later and add captions IF you want. Aw, thanks, Heyday!

Cost: Free for iOS and coming soon on Android!

Wonder: What are you in the mood for? Not for dinner tonight, we’re talking the type of virtual, viral soup for your soul or at least your funny bone. Wonder curates videos for you, using a “mood-minder” that asks you what you feel like watching.

Cost: Free for iOS

BucketListly: This brings a social network of bucket lists to your phone so you can share major life achievements you’ve crossed off in real time. Get inspired (or, um, a little jealous) by scoping out what others have on theirs. And like Yelp for true adventurers, you can leave a tip once you make it to the top of Mount Everest or wherever your list leads you.

Cost: Free for iOS or check it out online

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