You may have run out of milk mid-cereal refill but we’ll help you wash down that last bit of Lucky Charms with some smartphone sustenance: a few of our favorite apps from this week!

Findery: This is easily the coolest location-based social app we have ever downloaded. This isn’t for “checking in” to gripe or wax poetic about the cocktail you sipped at a local watering hole. Use Findery to find and leave virtual notes around the world. Share stories and secrets about places you know or use the app to unlock why new spots are so special to locals and visitors alike. Bring it with you on your next vacation and road trip or just use it to fall in love with the city you live in all over again.

Cost: Free

multerim: This simple-looking app holds the key to your multi-tasking with the ability to run multiple timers. Where were you when we hosted that last dinner party, multerim?! An app like this would be extra special if it could hook up to our smart, automated appliances and gadgets. We’ll consider it future kitchen-friendly!

Cost: $0.99

QuizUp for Android: A favorite Apple app, Droid-toting trivia buffs can now test themselves on over 250 topics and thousands of questions too! See how you rank against friends and frenemies to get a good idea of how you’ll rank at next Tuesday’s Trivia Night. Team Les Quizerables is totally going down.

Cost: Free, but there are some tempting add-ons once you’re in.

GIFWrapped: A picture is worth a thousand words so a GIF must ring in closer to a million. Use this app like your Google for GIF-diving and save ones you love for later. You’ll be able to comb through your well-curated collection to find the perfect response to any email or Tumblr post. You’ll never be at a loss for words again, and if you are, one of your GIFs will get your message across.

Cost: Free!

Spot on Time: Drivers, rejoice! This adds something essential to your usual map app — Spot helps you find a place to park depending on where you’re going. Then, it’ll make sure you get from the perfect parking spot to the door of your destination. On time.

Cost: Free

What was your favorite app this week?! Share below!