Shopping for furniture is tough, especially when you have Champagne taste on a beer budget. So what’s a girl to do? Modsy designer and Director of Style Alessandra Wood totally gets it, so she shared her best tips to achieving affordable glam style with Brit + Co. Using the decor company’s 3D design tool, she created visualizations that actually show you how to decorate your place — without breaking the bank.

Wood styled the above visual with vintage-meets-glam decor in mind for a whopping $21,065. But then she created a second — and more affordable — version for only $5,743. Pretty crazy, right?

The top tip to keep in mind: “Always consider the end game while shopping,” Wood told us. Ask yourself if you’re planning on tossing a specific piece or replacing it soon. If yes, then less expensive options work well. But if you’re looking to collect pieces for the long haul, Wood recommends buying those items that you love. Another tip she gives is to “opt for natural materials when possible to encourage the feel of luxury, and subtle details that will make the look feel rich.”

The designer put her knowledge into action in the above demo. Here, she swapped investment items like sofas or armchairs, for ones clad in high-end fabrics. She was also mindful of paying attention to tasteful details on less expensive products, like a credenza or table. Overall, the final look was stylish, but so affordable too. Consider us officially inspired.

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(Photos via Modsy)