If you鈥檙e as into decorating as we are, you know it鈥檚 easy to go over budget with one too many splurge items. That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e here to show you that mastering fabulous decor can be done while sticking to a budget. We鈥檝e already shown you some great budget decor buys for the living room, bedroom and bathroom, and next we鈥檙e taking on the nursery. This is a space for your little ones to play, grow and learn, so we understand how important it is to decorate this space with elements that bring maximum impact for minimal cost. Scroll on for 22 decor picks that will keep your baby (and your bank account!) happy.

Under $10

1. MULA Stacking Rings ($7): Not only is this toy fun and educational for your child, but it also doubles as stylish nursery decor.

2. Quote Printable ($5): It鈥檚 never too early to start inspiring your little ones. We think this chic and affordable print is a great place to start.

3. FANTASIDJUR Crib Duvet Cover + Pillowcase ($10): This colorful bedding would look great in any gender-neutral nursery.

4. Fox Printable ($5): A bright and playful fox print will bring a forest feel to any urban nursery.

5. VIRRING Rug ($10): No carpet? No problem. This rug provides the perfect soft surface for your babe to play on.

Under $25

6. Airplane Pillow ($22): This seriously adorable pillow makes a great accent for any crib or rocking chair.

7. MURGRONA Curtains ($20): When naptime rolls around, these curtains will help you keep the nursery dark on those sunny spring days.

8. Wooden Storage Box ($25): Your tot can stow and tow their toys in style in this modern wooden crate on wheels.

9. Rule the World Wall Decal ($24): Of course you think your little one rules, and this wall decal will inspire them to do just that.

10. Petit Collage Bird Trio Print ($25): Give your nursery a natural and simplistic vibe with this unique wooden print.

11. TEJN Faux Sheepskin ($13): Whether you use it as a rug or drape it over a chair, this super soft sheepskin is sure to keep your nursery cozy.

12. Dream Big, Sail On Print ($20): It鈥檚 never to early to start dreaming about the future. Encourage your little one to shoot for the stars with this playful wall art.

Under $50

13. Birds in Harmony Mobile ($35): Bring the outdoors in with this brightly colored mobile that鈥檚 sure to mesmerize your child.

14. Ferm Living Organic Mint Little Geometry Pillow ($45): If you love geometric prints as much as we do, you know this is a must-have for any modern nursery.

15. Bedtime Buddy Robot Nightlight ($39): No child could be scared of the dark with this adorable pal to keep them company.

16. Happy Wall Banner ($26): How could your babe not be happy with such a cute and colorful banner adorning their wall?

17. DwellStudio Gold Giraffe ($38): These golden animals add the perfect mid-century touch to a chic nursery your baby can learn and grow in for years to come.

18. Dots Cotton Hamper ($30): You鈥檝e gotta stash that never-ending supply of dirty baby clothes somewhere, so why not camouflage it in something stylish?

19. SKOJIG Pendant Lamp ($30): This sky-inspired pendant will keep the nursery bright and airy, while still providing a playful element.

20. Applique Decorative Sham ($40): Personalize your baby鈥檚 space with decorative elements, like cute pillows that include their name.

21. Clouds and Birds Decal Set ($49): Customize your nursery with these cute decals that can easily be removed if your child outgrows them.

22. Ferm Living House of Money ($42): It鈥檚 never too early to start saving, right? This sleek bank will hold your little one鈥檚 money in style.

How did you decorate your baby鈥檚 nursery? What tips do you have for designing a space on a budget? Talk with us in the comments!