With luxury Airbnbs becoming more popular than ever, hotels have been seriously stepping up their game with live-like-the-local amenities and IG-worthy rooms. We’ve been following Austin-based Bunkhouse Group (the hotel geniuses behind El Cosmico in Marfa, Hotel San Jose in Austin, and the recently opened Hotel San Cristóbal in Baja California Sur) to not only see where we’re making our next reservation but also tear a few pages out of their interior styling book. And we’re totally not alone here: Dawn Franchino, buyer and retail manager for the hotel group, is just as obsessed with Bunkhouse’s signature style. Check out her favorite trends she’s noticing.

1. Patterned Stairs: Take note of these gorgeous steps at Hotel San Cristóbal and add a pattern to your own at home. If you’re renting (or can’t decide on a pattern), opt for an adhesive tile that you can easily remove and replace.

suite scenes at @hotelsaintcecilia 🌿💙

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2. Stylish Shibori: Be still, our pattern-mixing hearts. Take a cue from Austin’s Hotel Saint Cecilia: try a collection of natural fabrics and inject some inky Shibori pillows into the mix for some unique pattern play.

3. Colorful Minimalism: Forget about maximalism for a second. This punchy corner of Austin’s own Austin Motel doesn’t need to be over-styled; the rich pillows and clean minimal lines of the sectional are enough of a statement on their own.

Shadow play / T-4 days! 👐🏼👐🏼

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4. Patterned Patios: Placing a summery pattern on your patio will transform it completely. Take additional note from Hotel San Cristóbal and keep the additional styling to a minimum (think furniture with clean lines and natural materials).

All in the details @austinmotel 🍊🍒

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5. Statement Headboards: Your bedroom should be your home’s chief joy-inducer. This rich headboard at Austin Motel proves that even minimalism can be colorful and fun. Keep the linens and pillows on the simple side for maximum color pop.

Work places and spaces 💻🔴🌿

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6. Poppy Pendants: Overhead lighting can be a buzzkill, but this colorful pendant proves otherwise. Follow Hotel San Jose‘s lead and pick a warmer color for instant happy vibes.

Otra hermosa día en Baja 🇲🇽♥️🌵

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7. Gorgeous Pieces that Multi-Task: Functional furniture isn’t just a small space hack. This thoughtful setup at Hotel San Cristóbal makes sure everyone has a seat around the table.

When your home floods and you need to stay at a hotel. #willanelson

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8. Mix-and-Match Interior Styles: Never fully commit to one interior style. Copy Hotel Saint Cecilia‘s look and mix your mid-century with your Southwest and add a dash of minimalism.

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