Net neutrality is an important issue that can be difficult to fully understand. Thankfully, Burger King has stepped into the fray and produced a commercial that explains the concept using a metaphor we can all understand: the Whopper.

In an ad titled “Whopper Neutrality,” the fast food giant demonstrates just how stupid and unfair the internet may become when net neutrality is rolled back. In the ad, real customers approach the till and attempt to order burgers. Staff members explain that people who want their burgers served quickly will pay more than those who wait longer for their burgers. The burgers are sitting there ready to be served, they explain, but only those who pay a premium will get their burgers right away.

As you can imagine, customers go from being dismayed at the idiocy of the system, to totally enraged at its inherent unfairness.

The unsuspecting customers were interviewed after leaving the Burger King, and dished out some pretty choice statements that reveal how we should probably all be feeling about net neutrality.

“It felt like a power move,” said one man.

“The Whopper actually taught me about net neutrality,” said another, who had been particularly outraged. “It’s stupid but it’s true.”

The ad finishes with a shot of the Burger King drinking for an oversized Reece’s coffee mug. It’s an obvious dig at FCC chairman Ajit Pai, who has been a spokesperson in favor of repealing net neutrality, and who for some inexplicable reason has made drinking from the ridiculous novelty mug his trademark.

In the text beneath the YouTube version of the ad, Burger King directs viewers to a petition to protect net neutrality.

This isn’t Burger King’s first foray into advertising with a message. The company put out a surprisingly touching ad last October in a similar format that addressed the issue of bullying. It’s nice to see a corporate entity — albeit one that serves fast food — making ads that address important issues.

At this rate, we’ll be hearing what the Burger King thinks about workplace harassment within the next month or two.