Whether you want to tone and lift, firm and shrink or just want to get a little healthier and build up some more muscle, here are 10 exercises that will target your butt until you’re dying to sit down again. But trust us, the burn is worth it if you want to get your best butt ever.


1. Cosmopolitan’s 9 Butt Moves That Beat Squats: This workout series is stacked with curtsy squats, single-leg dead lift (shown above), sumo squat calf raises and more. Commit, and you’ve got a doozy of a workout that will help you gain that highly sought after a$$.


2. Warrior III Pose: This pose calls for a lot of balance and strength in your hamstrings. Start slow, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it the first time; the trick is to keep your back foot flexed as if it were pressed against a wall. (via Health)


3. Step Up: You can do these simple calf lift and stretches anywhere, even on the subway. Just make sure to do enough reps so you start to feel it in your upper hamstring. (via Prevention)

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4. Battle Ropes: If you haven’t heard about battle ropes, hear about them now. They take your innocent grade-school jump rope and majorly up the badassery factor. Exercises like alternating wave jump squats and power slams are bound to get your heart racing quick, while working your arms and backside. Think of it as the ultimate full-body workout. (via Greatist)


5. Women’s Health 9 Butt Exercises for a Super Toned Tush: Get ready. This is going to hurt… but the payoff is totally worth it. From Swiss ball hip raises and single-arm dumbbell swings to marching hip raises, all of these moves can be done during commercials on your TV nights. See, it’s not that bad.


6. Three Legged Dog: Get your yogi on with this advanced downward dog, which helps you stretch your inner thighs and work your shoulders. (via All Womens Talk)


7. The Lean: Whoooo! Feel like an airplane with this crazy side balance. Don’t worry if you fall over a few times — it’s hard to maintain a lunge and side twist, but you’ll get there. (via Health)


8. Wall Sit: This one isn’t easy; the trick is to hold it for as long as you can without extending your knees beyond your ankles in order to protect your joints. (via Prevention)


9. Chair Pose: Think of this pose as the yogi version of the wall sit. It’s more difficult, so make sure your knees are strong enough to support you in the pose. (via Fitness)


10. Low Lunge Hover: A combo move of Warrior III and a step back lunge forces you to work on your balance and build up the muscles that will hold you in place. Try it a few days a week and you’re bound to see results! (via Health)

Which of these exercises are you most excited to try? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!