If it’s not our alarms that get us out of bed, it’s definitely going to be the beautiful thought of that hot cup of coffee being poured into our tumblers before we head out to work. But sometimes we like to switch our mornings up a bit. From making iced coffee when we have some time to kill to rushing out the door with our Blue Bottle Travel Brew Kit when we don’t, we like to mix it up (with cream and sugar). To add to our list and yours, we’ve found seven cold coffee brewers that’ll go right next to your Keurigs.


1. Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot ($20): This brewer will make your coffee on the sweeter side, kind of like a French press. If you like your hot coffee a little more syrupy, the Mizudashi can brew you a hot cup as well.


2. Toddy Cold Brew System ($40): Got a sensitive tummy, but coffee is too yummy to put down? Toddy brewers are known to reduce the acidity in your coffee by about 67% so you can still get your coffee fix without the burning sensation. The Toddy Cold Brewer can also brew you up a nice tall glass of iced tea.


3. Filtron Pro ($199): Coffee addicts, assemble. When you’re after a quick and easy way to grab your huge load of cold brew in the morning, make 40 to 80 cups in advance and simply pour it into your morning mug, afternoon tumbler and evening cup from your Filtron Pro.


4. Yama Cold Brew Drip Tower ($250): Inviting some friends over for a cup of coffee? Everyone will be sure to ask you where you got your brewer. They might mistake it for a science project, but it’ll definitely be a conversation starter.


5. Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker ($70): This brewer is also a great selection for sensitive stomachs because of its cold water brewing system. Since it does not use heat to brew, acids and oils aren’t released. That way your stomach stays happy and you stay awake.


6. Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker ($50): This cold brewer is packed with awesome features that let you customize your java. The Brew-Release Switch lets you control the draining process, the Oxo Rainmaker makes sure that water is evenly distributed among your coffee and the mesh filter is easy to clean. You can also brew iced tea with this cold brewer.


7. Cold Bruer ($75): You can get creative and explore your cold brewing hidden talents with the Cold Bruer. The adjustable valve lets you experiment with different brew times. The recommended amount of time is six hours, but you can brew anywhere between three to 12 hours. Unlike most cold brew methods, Cold Bruer doesn’t use the immersion technique. Instead, water is dripped through the grounds and the carafe catches the coffee, producing a cleaner cup of morning joe.

Which cold brewer is your fave? Are there any you’ve already tried out? Let us know in the comments!