At Brit + Co, we’re all about making creativity a part of your every day, whether that’s a day you’ve put 10,000 steps on your pedometer or a day you just want to chill and catch up with a friend. Basically, you do you, and let creativity happen along the way. Week three of Camp Create is dedicated to DIYs with friends, and now’s the perfect time to join in! Whether you want to make a D-A-Y out of your D-I-Y, or are just looking for a 30-minute project, browse these five ways for you and your friends to team up and make a li’l creative magic happen this week, or choose your own adventure with any DIY kit! When you do, be sure to Instagram it using #iamcreative and #bcweekender to get the chance to win a $100 gift card and a free DIY kit!


1. Take a maker retreat. Nothing brings friends together like fresh air, campfire food and tent camping. Bring a Custom Camp Mugs kit along on your weekend camping trip and learn a new skill together: engraving! Be sure to pick up extra supplies so everyone has their own camp mug to customize. You’ll have personalized mugs right about the time the cocoa cravings set in.


2. Volunteer. Calligraphy for a cause! Partner with a nursing home or other organization in your community that needs help with hand-written cards. Host a viewing party for Calligraphy 101, Calligraphy 201 or any of our other lettering courses, and dedicate a few hours to practicing while writing a few kind words. We found Project Open Hand in San Francisco, and guarantee you can find something similar in your own community!


3. Take a cooking class. Shake up your dinner plans and learn to cook a new cuisine with friends! As great as that new restaurant down the block sounds, chances are you won’t even remember what you ordered a month from now. Make a culinary-themed day of it, starting with Wood Burning 101: Custom Kitchen Utensils kit to serve dinner. (*sniff sniff*… is something burning?)


4. Throw a backyard party. Often, the escape you’re looking for is in your own backyard. To kick off this all-day affair, have everyone write their name on their cup — except, instead of a marker and plastic cup, share an etching kit and make custom Julep cups! Round the day out with lawn games like DIY cornhole and horseshoes, and be sure to have plenty of snacks close at hand! Lookin’ at you, watermelon recipes.


5. Do some 1:1 crafting with your bestie. You couldn’t ask for a better excuse to get together than a DIY night (not that you need an excuse anyway). Here’s a low-key project perfect for unwinding after a date, birthday or wedding, when you’ll have an abundance of flowers and plenty to talk about. Pick up a Pressed Flower Coaster Kit to preserve flowers by pressing them into coasters.

Ready to learn a new skill with your fave people? Check out our online classes and DIY kits, and be sure to jump in on the Camp Create challenge for awesome prizes!