From tassels to chandelier crystals, we’re all about dressing up plain-Jane bags. We even figured out how to turn clutches into fanny packs. This time, we’ve got a new idea: candy buttons!… Just kidding. While nothing can top the real thing, spray painted studs look just as cute as candy buttons. This two-step DIY will have you upgrading your purses in no time.



— purse

— spray paint

— E-6000

— flat-back dome studs



1. Spray paint the dome studs. Let dry.

2. Glue onto the purse. Easy peasy!


As always, use spray paint in a well-ventilated area. Go outside, if possible. We used two vibrant colors that popped against the black purse.


Don’t forget to plan your pattern before gluing the studs down. We went for some simple color blocking action. Feel free to get crazy with it! Stripes, zigzags and monograms are all awesome choices.


Shortly after you glue the studs, check up on them to make sure nothing has shifted. This may happen if the purse’s shape creates a slanted surface. If you catch them before the glue has dried, you’ll have time to re-adjust accordingly.


In just two steps, you’ve got yourself some wearable dot candy.

What color combos would you use? Share your ideas using the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative.

(Street style photos by Nick Wolf)