Just in time for planning those boozy beach parties, we have a new cocktail contender: Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash ($16 for 750 milliliter bottle, 25 percent ABV). This Caribbean rum features a sweet watermelon flavor, and yes, it’s pink!

The Watermelon Smash packaging looks exactly like a watermelon, plus has a scratch-and-sniff coating that smells of the ripe fruit. Hello, ’90s vibes. While the Watermelon Smash is designed to be served chilled and enjoyed as a shot, why stop there? Freeze it for boozy popsicles; blend it with ice for a frozen slushie; or let it be the fodder for all sorts of summer cocktails. We can’t wait to start experimenting with whipping up extra-spiked sangrias to watermelon mojitos.

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(Photos via Captain Morgan)