Toss on a beanie, fill in your brows and that is pretty much all it takes to copy Cara Delevingne’s off-duty signature look. When the supermodel isn’t voguing in couture for the likes of Burberry and Chanel, she’s totally making a case for looking cool with the coziest of street style essentials, like sneakers + a sporty cap. But Cara took casual to the extreme when she stepped out at an airport with gal pal Selena Gomez wearing bright blue sweatpants with parrots printed on them.

Kinda crazy? For us, yes. For a girl who lives life with her tongue out, no — though that’s not to say we wouldn’t totally bust ‘em out at bedtime. In the proper setting (ie. indoors, probably binge watching OITNB), Cara’s patterned sweats are totally on point. Scroll down to snag ‘em + 7 just-as-kooky sweatpants that make lounging like a lazy girl way more fun.

1. Zoe Karssen Sweat Pants With Parrot Print ($140): We’re not gonna lie, these jersey sweats do look reeally comfy. We can see how you *might* be able to get away with wearing them with white basics… kind of…

2. Peace Love World I Love Sunday Pants ($108): Celebrate the ultimate lazy day with these adorable coral sweatpants. Cutest. Loungewear. Ever.

3. Sundry for J.Crew Palm Tree Sweatpant ($105): Um… these sweats are actually totally passable as pants. The palm tree print adds just the right amount of preppy flare and the chambray shirt keeps the look cool. Did we just convert?

4. Chelsea Peers Zebra Lounge Top & Lounge Pants Set ($67): A stampede of zebras make quite the quirky pattern on these gray sweats. Grab the matching top while you’re at it!

5. Happiness Urban Reverse Sweatpant ($89): Happiness is these sweatpants + pizza + a bottle of wine. #livingthelife

6. Sundry Anchor Sweatpants ($107): Swooning over this shade of blue? Us too — and extra in love with the anchor pattern as well. And kind of digging the whole high-tops + jean jacket look (What’s happening to us!?).

7. Monrow Stars Vintage Sweats ($132): We love how a simple star print takes basic gray sweatpants to the next level.

8. ASOS Dinosaur Print Pajama Legging ($31): Our Creative Directer Anj just bought these sweats and we have to say, they’re really soft IRL. ASOS, watch out for a major bulk order from B + C!

Would you wear sweats out of the house? How would you style them? What about joggers or leggings? Tell us about your comfiest get ups — and whether you keep them indoors only — in the comments below.

(h/t Keep)