If Instagram (okay, and that Call of Duty commercial you kept seeing during Christmas)聽is any indication, Miss聽Cara Delevingne聽kicked off her聽New Year鈥檚 resolutions to get in shape early.聽Sure, the typically tall and lean 23-year-old supermodel has always had a great bod, but recent photos have her showing off some serious guns聽as prep to bring聽her action-driven character Laureline to life in Luc Besson鈥檚 upcoming sci-fi flick, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.聽Proof:


Feeling inspired to look as聽strong as you feel? Us too. We got the 411 from three celebrity fitness experts 鈥斅Nat Bardonnet, Halle Berry鈥檚 personal trainer of five years, celebrity yoga and pilates instructor Kristin McGee, who works with LeAnn Rimes Cibian, Bethenny Frankel and Tina Fey + superstar聽trainer Lacey Stone, whose clientele includes A-listers聽Amanda Seyfried, Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Kidman 鈥斅爋n how she managed to cop her stronger new physique, and how YOU聽can begin to amp up your own workout routine this year. Tone like Delevingne鈥檚 requires commitment, hard work and some serious聽resolve. Thankfully, our experts have your (strong af) back.

First and foremost? Cara D is likely mixing in some strength training. As opposed to a regular workout, 鈥渟trength training is more about building muscles and toning your body,鈥 explains聽Nat Bardonnet. Yogi聽Kristin McGee tells us that聽it鈥檚 also more extreme. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a little more intense and focused. You鈥檙e going harder and stronger as opposed to longer. [It鈥檚] pushing past that fatigue.鈥

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Strength training will require you to keep at it past that first feel-good week back to the gym in Jan.聽McGee shares with us that聽one of her聽clients,聽Emilia Clarke, was hitting the gym nearly every day to get fit for聽her own high-action roles in Game of Thrones and Terminator Genisys.

Delevingne is likely doing the same, using a series of targeted exercises. 鈥淚t looks like she has built muscles [with] weight training鈥 and cardio, maybe kickboxing,鈥 says Bardonnet. Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone agrees that weights have likely played a huge role in Delevingne鈥檚 transformation. 鈥淚t looks like she鈥檚 doing kettlebells, cross training, [resistance] band work, TRX鈥 but she鈥檚 also lifting dumbbells.鈥


So now that we know the scoop, how can we聽get the same results at home? Start simple 鈥 and affordable. 鈥淎 set of weights is pretty cheap to invest in,鈥 McGee tells us. (The three-pound hand weights聽above are $12 on Amazon!)聽But be careful not to overdo it. 鈥淚f you鈥檝e never worked out before, start with a lighter weight you don鈥檛 feel is going to strain you,鈥 Stone says. Bardonnet recommends 3-5-pound dumbbells. 鈥淵ou build up to the heavier strength,鈥 McGee says.

Both Bardonnet and McGee also recommend bodyweight exercises, AKA moves that rely on you and your bod sans weights such as pull-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, lunges, squats and bicep and tricep curls. Form and proper positioning are extremely important to avoid injury, so if a聽personal trainer is a bit out of your budget, Stone suggests pairing up with a friend, or turning to one of the many instructional YouTube videos online. Check out Stone鈥檚聽own YouTube channel聽and聽Extreme Bootcamp app to help you on your on your quest for fitness.


All three ladies agree that results are also heavily dependent on what you eat. 鈥淎bs are made in the kitchen,鈥 McGee tells us. Note that it鈥檚 not about eating, less, however聽鈥斅爍uite the opposite. 鈥淲hen you strength train, you have to eat a little bit more,鈥 Stone says. 鈥淟ifting heavier weights means you raise your metabolic rate, which is the rate at which you burn fat for a more toned and defined body.鈥 Stone recommends that women consume a diet聽that鈥檚 high in聽proteins, with plenty of vegetables and few carbohydrates.

Finally, don鈥檛 be afraid to build your muscle mass. McGee tells us that she thinks 鈥渨omen fear they鈥檙e going to bulk up.鈥澛燬tone, for one, has a completely different outlook on muscles that should become your mantra in the new year. 鈥淚 think strong is sexy,鈥 she says. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 what I hope happens in 2016 鈥斅燵that women] stop being afraid of their strength.鈥

Hell yes. We think Cara D would definitely approve.

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