Carrie Underwood recently returned to the spotlight after months away because of a fall at her Nashville home that left her with several injuries, including stitches in her face. On Thursday, May 10, in her first televised interview since the accident, the singer opened up about the details of the scary day.

“Plain and simple, it was just kind of a freak accident,” the country superstar told Today host Hoda Kotb. “I just fell. I just tripped. Taking my dogs out to do their business. It could have happened to anybody. I say if I had fallen anywhere else, it wouldn’t have been a problem. But there was just one little step that I went to catch myself on and I missed.”

Reports about Underwood’s accident first surfaced in November. At the time, her rep said she had suffered “a broken wrist and some cuts and abrasions.” Two months later, she updated fans on her condition, warning that she might “look a bit different” after needing 40 to 50 stitches in her face.

The singer took a break from both the spotlight and social media following her surgery. She told Kotb that, in the immediate aftermath, she wasn’t sure how things were going to end up. “It just wasn’t pretty,” she said.

In April, almost five months to the day since her accident, Underwood made her triumphant return to the public eye, giving a show-stopping debut performance of her new single “Cry Pretty” live on the 2018 ACM Awards.

“When you’re singing something that’s straight from your heart, it’s easy to be in the moment and be connected to it,” she said of the meaningful appearance. “There was something different about that performance.”

Watch Underwood’s full interview below.

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(photos via Jason Merritt/ACMA2018/Getty Images for ACM + Emma Mcintyre/ACMA2018/Getty Images for ACM)