Right up there with hide-and-seek and tag, catch may be one of the first games we learned as kids. It’s like a shared pastime of every person ever, so it’s kind of surprising that someone has just made it into an app. You may wonder, how fun can it be to play catch on a phone? The answer: It can be the addicting kind of fun.

Like most of the successful smartphone games — Dots, Threes and Ten — Catch is super simple and beautifully designed. Just like playing catch off-screen, the game is pretty straightforward. Just continue to catch the bouncing ball in a set amount of time. But of course, there’s a catch — LOL. With each level, more obstacles are introduced making the balls bouncing rhythm more unpredictable.

This beautifully designed iOS game actually came from CNN’s Creative Director, Andy Bergmann. He said he gave most of his attention to making the hand movement super fluid and true-to-life, since it’s an action that we’re so visually familiar with. In fact, the game is so intuitive that it doesn’t even come with instructions. You just start playing… and then you’ll probably never want to stop.

It’s free for a limited time so run click over to the App Store and download it!

Are you a Catch addict? We’d love to hear what you think of it in the comments!

(h/t Fast Company)