Okay, ladies and gents, now let’s get in formation, to throw the ultimate Memorial Day rooftop party. Cassidy here, serving up some tips and tricks for throwing a seamlessly lovely rooftop bash. From drinks to activities to food, you’ll find it all here. BYODB, bring your own disco ball!

create an insta-worthy backdrop

This backdrop was so easy to make, guys! I made it by drawing random, fun shapes on foam core, which can be purchased at any art supply store. Then, using an X-ACTO knife, cut all the shapes out. Beware, curves can get a little tricky. The backdrop brings your party to the next level, encouraging your pals to capture memories forever.

I added some flair post-party in Illustrator, playing with the shapes from the backdrop.

serve rosé watermelon sangria

Is a party really a party without a delicious, summery drink? Answer is, nope! This concoction is literally summer in a glass, featuring rosé and watermelon juice. I went with a dry rosé, since watermelon juice tends to be on the extra sweet side. For a citrusy kick, add slices of oranges to your batch of sangria. You can get these cutie, patriotic printables for your straws, designed by the newest addition to the B+C design team, Rebecca! The final touch is watermelon star garnishes, made with cookie-cutter star shapes.


This drink was almost as pretty as the party goers.

get to grillin’

While your guests get to shmoozing, heat up the grill and get to grillin! Being a pescatarian, I’m always trying to coax my friends into a more veggie-forward life, so in truest form, I served veggie kebabs. I prepped them before the party started to minimize the time spent away from guests during the party.

Production assistant by day, moonlighting as a grill master.

They make perfect finger food, no utensils needed here, folks.

I set up a little red, white, and blue themed table to house the kebabs and sweet treats.

keep the games coming

Every party needs some good old-fashioned fun, in group game form. Corn hole is hands down one of my favorite games. Lucky for us, our resident DIYer Kelly showed us how to make a portable corn hole a few years back.

Endless fun in the sun!

TBH y’all, I’m a corn hole ringer, so I switch up partners every once in awhile to keep the complaints to a minimum.

shake it like a polaroid picture

Pass around a Polaroid camera, stock up on film, and let your guests keep the pictures they snap as a memento.

“Uno, due, tre, formaggi!” Any Master of None fans out there? :)

have fun!

Let your hair down and have a great time with your pals!


Fun with the disco ball.

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DIY Production and Styling: Cassidy Miller

Photography: Kurt Andre

Models: Diana Byrd, Eric Bader, Elizabeth Rofoli, Haley Wise, Jordan Cope