You know we’re obsessing over all things chevron these days, and hair is no exception. But it’s time to start talking and get braiding. Presenting, the Chevneon – a neon twist on the classic fishtail.


– 6 strands of ribbon (for ex: cut up fabric, old t-shirts, cloth napkins etc)

– 4 bobby pins

– 2 elastic bands

1. Prepare your strips of color. If you’re using ribbon, cut two of each color. If you’re using fabric, cut them to about 1/2 an inch wide and cut two of each color.

2. Pull hair into a side pony and pin away on strand of hair (to braid and wrap later).

3. Take the first two strands of fabric, tie them together and tuck into the elastic underneath your pony.

4. Split hair into 2 sections, leaving the fabric out for now and take a thin piece of hair from the outside of the right section and cross over into the left section. Do the same thing on the left and place it into the right section (fishtail braid). Do this 4 times.

5. Take one strand of the ribbon from the outside of the right section and cross it over to the left section, just like you did with the hair. Do this on the left side as well.

6. Pick up the second set of colored strands and tie them to the first set that should now be in the center of your 2 sections of hair.

7. Let that new fabric hang under the pony while you fishtail hair only for another 4 strands.

8. Repeat step 5 with your new fabric and then repeat step 6 with your final 2 strands.

9. Finish off the fishtail braid with the remaining hair and secure with another elastic.

10. Cut off the remaining strands of fabric and voila!

Bonus points if you have a sweet chevron rug to model your chevron braid on. ;)

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