Ladies, it’s time to pony up. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with second-day hair, want to turn heads on your next night out or are simply trying to upgrade your everyday ‘do, we’ve got 20 fancy ways to wear a ponytail. So grab your elastics, bobby pins and hairspray, and meet us by the mirror.

1. Three Elastic Pony: A quick way to freshen up a sleek everyday pony doesn’t require too much time or effort. Just secure the ‘tail in place with three elastics. (via Brit + Co)

2. Messy Volume: You don’t have to have long hair to rock a ponytail, and it definitely doesn’t have to be perfect. Tease your locks to add volume and texture for a truly fancy messy look. (via Style Bistro)

3. Body and Waves: LC can do no wrong. And even though she just chopped her long locks, we can still channel her former style. Case in point: This stunning way to tie your waves back high and add body. (via PopSugar)

4. Sunburst Ponytail: Bobby pins are usually functional. We use them to tame strays or keep styles in place. But we want to change that, so let’s let the little bobbies be the star of the hair show. (via Brit + Co)

5. French Twist Pony: Who doesn’t love a good French twist? It’s classic. It’s timeless. And it’s elegant. This twist on the typical ‘do is the perfect day-to-night hairstyle, especially for those of us with hair too long and thick to pull off the real thing. (via Refinery29)

6. Pinned-up Ponytail: For your next ‘do, go a little wild with the bobby pinning to create a gorgeous look that’s equal parts messy and sleek. Plus, it’s the only high pony we’ve seen that won’t bounce or swing as you walk. (via Hair Romance)

7. High Pony Braid: Why yes, you can wear a ponytail braid without looking like a child. (via Glamour)

8. Braid-Wrapped Pony: Step one: pony on the right, braid on the left. Step two: braid-wrapped pony. (via BuzzFeed)

9. Gold Banded: What’s one of the easiest ways to turn a standard low pony chic? Wrap it in a thick gold cuff, of course. (via The Ultra Linx)

10. Sleek Swoop: Whether you have side-swept bangs or want to create the illusion that you do, this ultra-sleek pony is the way to go. (via Marie Claire)

11. The Low Rider: Can’t decide between a fishtail and a pony? Fear not. You can have both. (via Refinery 29)

12. A La Queen Bey: Don’t want your elastic to show? Hide it in plain sight with your own locks. (via Harper’s Bazaar)

13. Middle-Parted: It can be tough to pull off a middle part, unless it’s pulled back into a tight ponytail. (via Primped)

14. Criss Cross Ponytail: We love this fishtail-meets-French-braid-meets-ponytail. It’s a fun and edgy way to liven up an otherwise simple ‘do. (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. French Pony: Remember our three-elastic pony from earlier? Use your French braiding skills to put a new spin on it. (via Become Gorgeous)

16. Carefree Pony: A little body, a few flyaways and a tail guaranteed to have some bounce — this pony screams, “I look chic and I didn’t even try.” (via Sweeter in the Sun)

17. Retro Pony: Having a Mad Men kind of day? Pull back your locks with a ’60s-inspired wave, tousle the ends of your ponytail then finish off the look with your best mod shift. (via The Knot)

18. The Crossover: For a sleeker take on the crisscross pony, take two thick stands and cross them over your elastic. (via Beauty High)

19. Messy Side Pony: Got bed head? Tie it to the side for a texture-packed ponytail. (via Her Interest)

20. Tube-Wrapped Pony: Go ultra sleek by wrapping the top of your pony in a tube created of your own strands. (via Makeup)

And that’s a wrap! What other fancy ways do you rock a pony? Share in the comments below!