Right? Left? Smack dab in the middle? The answer to this question is key to having fabulously awesome hair. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about your hair part. Admittedly, when it comes to our hair, most of us (excluding ‘do chameleons like Rihanna) are creatures of habit. But, as the ever-changing locks of A-list celebs have taught us over the years, mixing up your part is essential to bringing out your best features and discovering if you’re a middle part Gwyneth gal, a sweeping side part Blake babe or a deep drama part KStew kinda girl. Grab your comb, get inspired by these famous ladies and their signature hair parts. Then head off to your nearest mirror to chart some unknown scalp territory!

Straight Down the middle

1. Gwyneth Paltrow: If there’s anyone who owns her signature part, it’s the Goop Queen herself. But the road to the middle part was a rough one for Gwyneth (What can we say? The ’90s were a confusing time), but she finally found her home at last. (images via InStyle Mag and The Huffington Post)

2. Mila Kunis: Whether she’s glammin’ it up with loose curls or rocking sleek strands, this modern beauty never veers far from her sophisticated middle part. (images via We Heart It and Crushable)

3. Kate Bosworth: A part right down the middle like Kate‘s is great for giving your look a modern edge. (images via HHairstyle and Style Bistro)

4. Olivia Palermo: Style maven Olivia Palermo has undoubtedly been making waves of late with her amazing style. Her trademark part is no less noteworthy. (images via We Heart It and Sugar Scape)

5. Sarah Jessica Parker: SJP is a trend-setter in every way — from her Monolo Blahnik clad feet all the way to her perfectly chosen middle hair part. (images via She Knows and Elle)

6. Ciara: We don’t know about you, but we just adore how Ciara’s signature hair part brings out her eyes and accents her sky-high cheek bones. (images via The Hair Styler and Popsugar)

7. Kim Kardashian: Although this reality diva has been known to change up her look with the occasional side part, in our minds, the classic Kim K look is definitely accompanied by a center part. (images via Allure and PoPular Haircuts)

Romantic Side Sweep

8. Taylor Swift: This songstress has the romantic, side-swept part down to some kind of art. Seriously, doesn’t she just look totally lovelyall the time? (images via US Magazine and Popsugar UK)

9. Blake Lively: Glamour girl Blake effortlessly gives her beachy waves a romantic touch by pairing them with a slightly off-center part. (images via Fox News Magazine and Popsugar)

10. Karlie Kloss: This VS angel has all us Brit + Co’ers dying to try out a side-parted bob! (images via iVillage and Popsugar)

11. Emma Stone: Ms. Stone may change her hair color by the minute, but her fabulous side part seems here to stay… and we’re loving it. (images via Pro Haircut and Hair Styles Weekly)

12. Jennifer Aniston: No signature hair list would be complete with the most noteworthy hair trendsetter of all time. Come on, we’ve all asked for a “Rachel” at least once. Truly, Jennifer Aniston seems to have the secret to dreamy, soft hair tucked away somewhere — perhaps she keeps her envious beauty formula tucked away in her amazing side part? Truth be told, the girl can rock the center part without a problem either. (images via Style Bistro and MStarz)

13. Kate Middleton: Another celeb who we wouldn’t dare forget to mention? The Duchess. Between her envy-inducing blowout and her understated side part, we just can’t stop ourselves from drooling over her perfect princess locks. (images via Popsugar UK and Popsugar)

Extreme Drama

14. Demi Lovato: Demi pushes the envelope with her exaggerated side part and ever-changing hair hues. If you’re all about adding a little spunk to your look, try mimicking her signature side sweep. (images via Steal Her Style and CelebBuzz)

15. Cara Delevingne: Super model meets rocker chick, Cara Delevingne basically broke the Internet a few months ago when she debuted her signature deep part and braid combo for the first time. Follow in her footsteps, and you’ll be right on your way to being an Instagram mini-celeb! (images via Herinterest and Glamour UK)

16. Anne Hathaway: Much like the roles that she takes on, Anne Hathaway isn’t afraid to try a little something different when it comes to her hair. However, whether she’s shocking the world with a bleach blonde pixie cut or keeping it traditional with long curls, you can count on one constant detail – her part. Or, as we like to call it, “the disappearing part.” To copy her look, simply use a small amount of gel to sweep your hair back away from your face! (images via and Celebs Alert and Popsugar)

17. Kristen Stewart: Are you a bedhead babe like KStew? Amp up your style by also incorporating the Twilight star’s deep side part, too! (images via US Magazine and Refinery 29)

18. Beyonce: Last, but NEVER least, is Bey and her diva-esque curls. No matter if she’s rocking her original trademark sky-high side part or her latest center-accented-by-dark-roots part, the girl puts the extreme drama in her part any which way she slices it. Channel your own “Sasha Fierce” by putting your part to work! (images via Huffington Post and E! Online)

We know the mirror is calling your name, but before you go, tell us which celeb’s signature part you’re dying to try out!