Whether you have baby-fine strands or luscious locks, get ready for a full-blown body boost. We’re pumping up the volume on how to get big, beautiful hair. Here are 15 of the biggest tips you need to achieve voluminous locks, ’cause who are we kidding… bigger really is better.

1. Big Shampoo ($27): Get this body-building shampoo on your mane right this minute. Sea salt is the magic ingredient responsible for raising up limp strands. As if a volume boost wasn’t enough, this shampoo packs a serious punch by de-greasing hair and removing dirt and dead skin cells, all while keeping hair naturally oiled and shiny.

2. My Big Fat Healthy Conditioner ($10): Bring a little life to the party and say buh-bye to dull, limp hair. If you want voluptuous locks, here is your go-to moisturizer. This mighty conditioner boosts hair’s body and texture, enhances gloss and shine and deters dulling deposits. It all adds up to a head of healthy hair.

3. Art of Hair Volume Maker ($48): Little known fact: Not only are dry shampoos conveniently handy at soaking up excess oil and creating sexy, second-day hair, but they also give hair a big volume boost. Lucky for you, good things come in small packages, and this dry shampoo is no exception to the rule. It’s travel ready with a compact click-applicator brush that allows you to get the translucent powder exactly where you need it. Simply click and apply!

4. Meta Lush Volume Maker ($23): As soon as you step out of the shower, get to work. Damp hair is where the journey for bigger, fuller hair needs to start. This volume maker promises some serious oomph with plenty of flexibility.

5. OSiS+ Dust It: ($24): This pot is filled with volume-boosting fairy dust… nah, but this multi-tasking magic can change from powder to cream and be applied to wet or dry hair for multiple big hair effects.

6. Swell Advanced Volumizing Mask ($34): If you suffer from dry, damaged or color processed hair, get this volumizing mask in your shower. It’s basically a once-a-week moisturizing drink that brings flat, lifeless hair back to life, and it’s all-natural, so fuhgettabout nasty chemicals.

7. Daily Beauty for Wildlife Beach Spray ($13): Here’s an all-natural spray comprised of sea salt, algae and sea kelp to create various hair textures and loads of volume. Use it on wet or dry hair. For gals with straight locks, focus on the roots. For curly Qs, spray it all over for a head full of waves. There are no harsh chemicals or residue, simply added volume with a dose of moisture.

8. Full Thickening Cream ($26): Want a surefire way to avoid flat hair? Apply this creme to each strand of hair for a lightweight volume boost and a promise of a head of natural, full-body hair that lasts all day.

9. Thick Dry Finishing Spray ($37): Finding the best volume boosting hairspray is stiff competition, but one seems to rise above the rest. Plump up the volume with Oribe’s finishing spray which contains panthenol to inflate the hair shaft as you spray. Shake, spray and get ready for some massive volume!

10. T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set ($99): We know. Hot rollers sound sooooretro, but these rollers are anything but old-school. This travel-ready set creates major root lift and incredible body all thanks to tourmaline technology, which penetrates the hair shaft, effectively styling the hair from the inside out, while sealing the hair cuticle and protecting it from frizz. Get ready to trade in your curling iron, because these rollers deliver big results.

11. Spornette Big Wonder ($10): It’s okay to be a tease… as long as a little back-combing is involved. Even with the finest locks, a boar-hair-bristle brush truly is a BIG help. The multi-functioning brush parts tease and style like nobody’s business. Get it into your styling bag of tricks stat!

12. DIY It Higher With a Blow Dryer: Heat things up with a mega-body blowout for big, body boosting effects. This simple tutorial shows you how to wrap and lift sections of hair around a brush while blow drying the roots to lift things up, just like the stylist does. (via A Cup of Joe)

13. DIY Sock Bun: Always wanted to try a topknot, but felt like your hair is too limp or fine? Well, it’s high time you fake it ’til you make it with this volumizing hair hack — the sock bun. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get a big beautiful bun. All you need are a sock, bobby pins and a pair of scissors, easy peasy. (via Beautylish)

14. Colour Refreshing Gloss ($12): Keep your color-treated hair shiny and vibrant, and beat fading with this weekly in-shower treatment. Gloss adds shine and imparts a voluminous boost to highlights, making it appear that you have thicker, fuller hair.

15. Dye a Darker Hue: Blondes may have more fun, but lighter hair can trick the eye into thinking it’s seeing the scalp, which gives the illusion of finer, thinner hair. Give your mane a boost with a denser, darker hue. (via Brown Hair Colours)

How do you pump up the volume? Share your secrets for big, beautiful hair in the comments below.