It’s a universally acknowledged truth that a young woman in possession of good hairmust be in want of an accessory. But seriously, even Jane Austen knew that accessories make the outfit. And when it comes to your ‘do, the accessories are twice as important. You wouldn’t want a pal or stranger to gush over your awesome threads and completely overlook the hair you lovingly deep condition and style, would you? To save you from such a fate, we collected 30 dreamy hair accessories that show off your ‘do and your signature style.

1. Starry-Eyed Headband ($20): Apricot is one of this season’s hottest hues, and combined with a cool blue it makes a slammin’ beaded headband. Plus, this bright gem will definitely make your tan pop.

2. Wrapped in Enchantment Hair Chain ($28): We love this elegant, subtle way to dress up an updo. It’s inevitable that we’ll turn to our tried and true chignon for all kinds of different events, but that doesn’t mean our bun has to be boring.

3. Through the Wire Headband ($15): Rosie the Riveter ain’t got nothin’ on you. Channel your inner mid-century modern with this cute polka dot headband.

4. Belleza Bobby Set ($28): Bobby pins are a must in every girl’s hair arsenal. And while the classic hair-hued pins are great for everyday pinning and tucking, sometimes we need a little glitz and glam.

5. Little Leaf Headband ($14): Wear this circlet of gold leaves like the goddess you are.

6. A Twist in the Plot Headband ($20): We love rope braids in our hair, so obviously we will love them around our hair as well. This band is a perfect way to make messy bedhead hair look purposeful.

7. Hairuwear 16″ Ombre Extension ($49): It’s no secret how much we love ombre, but we totally get it if you’re not willing to commit to rocking it 24/7. A clip-in extension is a happy medium — you’re on trend when you want, and right back to normal when you don’t.

8. Delicate Delights Hair Comb ($30): Romantic and retro are two of our favorite R’s, and this hair comb is both. We can see it being super versatile, too — fancy enough for your wedding ‘do, but also a quick clip-in to dress up your summer picnic outfit.

9. Lace Headband ($12): Lace is feminine and carefree. Plus this stylish accessory is mint, so you know we can’t resist!

10. Goodness Grows Headband ($16): You know our favorite hair accessories list wouldn’t be complete without at least one flower crown. Wear it for a woodland picnic or rock it at your fave music festival. Basically, don’t leave home without it.

11. Karina Elastic Ties ($4): If you’re still using the black rubberband-style hair ties, it’s time to upgrade. These elastic ties are no-kink and silky (less-frizz!), and they come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns.

12. Ombre Jersey Turban ($28): We did say we liked ombre. We especially like it in this effortlessly chic twisted turban style.

13. Seashell Hairpiece ($165): We can’t forget the brides in the audience. This gorgeous, intricate hairpiece is perfect for a beach wedding. Now all you need is some mermaid makeup to go with it!

14. Hairuwear Hair Color Strip Extension ($10): The best thing about temporary hair colors is the opportunity to play with all sorts of outrageous hues and styles. This clip-in color strip is perfect for those mornings when you’re too lazy to mess with your hair chalk.

15. Taking Flight Headband in Mint ($22): Neon colors, braids and feathers — this headband has our name on it. It would be an awesome… early Labor Day present?

16. So in Love Hair Comb ($9): Please tell us you also had those pastel bird barrettes when you were a kid. If so, get ready to squeal with excitement over this grown-up gold version. And if you missed out in the ’90s, now’s your chance!

17. Queen of Quirk Headband ($25): We told you, flower crowns can complete any look.

18. My Pet Octopus Hair Clip ($10): We were pumped when we saw the bird hair comb, but an octopus?! Score!

19. Claws for Celebration Headband ($15): This is the purr-fect headband to top off any look. Who says cat costumes are only for Halloween? We want to declare our cat lady status to the world loud and proud whenever we want.

20. Calm River Headband ($20): Another one of the season’s hottest hues, coral looks great in this bead and stone band. We’re resisting the urge to try it out as a bib necklace, too.

21. Free Spirited Scarf ($9): We’re so glad headscarves are coming back in. After all, we need a chance to show off the mad skills we developed playing with our mom’s as kids. It’s another accessory that can fit any style — classic and elegant or boho chic.

22. Deco-rate Your ‘Do Hair Pins Set ($9): Finally, the finishing touch for your Great Gatsby-inspired outfit. Now you can flap with the best of them.

23. Braided Daisy Flower Crown ($18): Alright, we know, enough with the floral pieces. But it’s a beautiful option for the minimalist who wants to get in on the flower crown action in a different kind of way.

24. Bow Tie Pony Holders ($18): Give your pony a little pizzazz with a bow tie holder. You can use the bold print to make a statement in your otherwise conservative workwear, or coordinate it with a mix of bold patterns.

25. Color the Coast Headband ($20): Talk about festival style. The rainbow, the geometric pattern, the awesome sunnies… our inner Cali girl is showing.

26. Chain the Rules Hair Comb ($15): This is the hair version of those midi chain rings. We love that it brings your ear into the game, and it’s such a unique piece that it’ll be a great conversation starter.

27. Bloomswirl Clip ($15): Shabby chic, retro, totally DIY-able — this hair clip has hit the trifecta. Add in gems, rhinestones and seed pearls, and we just don’t know what to do with ourselves.

28. Feathered Ombre Headband ($38): Feathers and ombre are a perfect pairing, and this headband is clearly their lovechild. Wear it with cherry red lips to channel a vintage ’50s look, or pair it with a fringe vest to get your hippie on.

29. I Adorn You Headband ($22): We love the ivory band with the black, white and green feathers. It’s just begging us to ditch work and spend the day picnicking down by the river.

30. Harvest Flower Crown Headwrap ($245): Go big or go home. Flowers, feathers and mad height combine to create the grandest flower crown of all. You might look a little like Neville’s grandmother, but she clearly had some killer style.

Are you ready to go all-in on a chic flower crown or is a subtle hair comb more your style? Shout out with your faves below!