It’s the year of the monkey, and the next two weeks are officially party time! So while you are browsing noodle recipes, can we talk decorations? From red lanterns to little red envelopes to red paper firecrackers, you will see that red is a big theme. Red is a significant color, because it is thought to bring energy, happiness and luck. Here are 10 creative chinese New Year decorations you can totally DIY, designed to bring you all three.

The hallmark decoration for Chinese New Year is the red lantern. This is especially true on the 15th day of Chinese New Year, which is the Lantern Festival. So, hang some bright red cheerful ones. Pro tip: If you want your lanterns to really shine, get out those Christmas lights you just put away, and hang your lanterns by centering a bulb inside each one.

Another common decoration is the firecracker, because the loud bang is supposed to scare away bad luck. You can make firecracker decorations easily out of red construction paper. String them together with twine and hang them on door knobs.

Finally, no party is complete without little red envelopes (hongbaos). Enclose new bills in small denominations and give one to each of your guests who say the magic words: “Gong Hei Fat Choi!” The red envelopes are intended to bring recipients a safe and peaceful year. Your red envelopes can do double duty as a decoration and a party favor. String them up before guest arrive to create a festive air. At the end of the night as your guests are leaving, pull them down one by one and give them out. Here are 8 more decorations that are supposed to bring luck.

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