With Chinese New Year coming up soon, now is a great time to up your game for the two-week-long party. You’ve probably got your Chinese New Year menu down by now, but don’t let all that food distract you from the most important part of the party — the decor! From lanterns to little red envelopes to fortune cookies, these Chinese New Year decor DIYs will bring some major luck and good fortune to your Year of the Monkey partay.


1. DIY Paper Lanterns: These paper lanterns are a must-have for any Chinese celebration. To give ’em a more unique look, throw in another pop of color with the traditional red-and-gold theme. Pro tip: Instead of string, hang them from Christmas lights to light up the night. (via Creative Jewish Mom)

pop fizz clink

2. DIY Customized Champagne Bottles: If you’ve got a knack for calligraphy, show off your skills by customizing champagne bottles for the celebratory bubbly. To create the decorative trim, simply overlay the bottle messages atop Chinese-inspired decorative paper. These make for great party favors. (via 100 Layer Cake)

red pockets

3. DIY Knit Red Pockets: In China, the red packet is called yasui qian, which literally translates to “suppressing ghosts money” and is thought to give its recipients a safe and peaceful year. The red color is significant because it is thought to bring energy, happiness and good luck. Put a unique twist on this customary tradition by crocheting them. (via Ice Pandora)

drink stirrers

4. DIY Drink Stirrer: Don’t forget the decorations for your drinks! Add a Chinese-inspired drink stirrer like this cluster of plastic Chinese coins, or get creative with your own take. (via Boulder Locavore)

waffle cookies

5. DIY Waffle Fortune Cookies: Life really WILL get a little sweeter thanks to these delicious gourmet fortune cookies. If you’re drooling for something a tad bit fancier than the usual fortune cookies, try out this sweet little recipe that’ll have everyone asking for it. (via Thirsty for Tea)


6. DIY Origami Invitations: Though the art of origami is widely popular in Japanese culture, its history also dates back to ancient China. Play on origami’s dual cultural origins by meshing Japanese origami cranes with Chinese invitation cards that have the Chinese symbol for “New Year” on one side and details of the celebration on the other. (via The Sewing Sessions)


7. DIY Lantern Riddles: To keep your family entertained, hang riddles or Chinese New Year greetings on notecards from your lanterns. Your cousins will love trying to out-guess each other! (via PBS Parents)

cake-topper-645x704 copy

8. DIY Chinese New Year Cake Topper: Ready for the coolest cake you’ve ever had on the Chinese New Year? Well, you will be once you put together this one-of-a-kind cake topper. Don’t worry — the thorough instructions make this DIY a piece of cake ;) (via Tinsel and Trim)

clay fortune cookies

9. DIY Clay Fortune Cookies: Treat your family members to pretty clay fortune cookie favors to take home once the festivities come to an end. You can even leave personal messages for each of your aunts and uncles inside! Just make sure the slips of paper are long enough to peek out from the edges before you bake them. (via Lil’ Luna)


10. DIY Chinese Lantern Embroidery: If you’re a fan of all things teeny tiny, you’ll love this adorable embroidered lantern. Use this quick and easy downloadable pattern, thread some floss through the lantern’s handle and you’re done. Plus, this makes for a great activity to keep idle hands occupied! (via Wild Olive)

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