Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of baby name trends come and go, while others move in, unpack and stick around for a while (we’re talking about you, gender-neutral baby names). Trends or no trends, parents these days are certainly into creative baby names — or at least finding baby names in verrry creative places. Here’s a new baby naming trend that entirely has social media to thank for its existence, and no — we’re not talking about that one woman who gave her baby the name “Hashtag” back in 2012.


According to BabyCenter, a hub for baby names and naming experts, there’s been an uptick in giving kiddos Instagram filter names. In 2015, there’s been a 75 percent increase in “Lux” as a baby boy name (technically it’s not a real filter, but it is an IG feature that makes your photos more vivid and vibrant). Actual filter names that have definitely seen a rise in popularity, however, are names like “Ludwig,” “Juno,” “Amaro,” “Valencia,” “Willow” and “Reyes.” But BabyCenter also notes that certain filter names have actually dropped in popularity, like “Sierra,” “Walden” and “Lark.” Never fret though — all this trend needs to really gain momentum is a celebrity endorsement.

If there was a social media-savvy celeb to do that, it’d be Chrissy Teigen. The expectant mama tweeted the hilarious joke about bequeathing her little one with the moniker X-Pro II to her 1.07 million Twitter followers. Aw, li’l X-Pro II Legend.

Is that a family name, Chrissy?

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(Photo via Mike Windle/Getty)