Over the past few days, Chrissy Teigen (who DGAF what you think about her parenting skills) has been thrilling the internet once again with adorable pics of baby Luna. And while this little one needs no added flair to take the adorableness over the top, popping her in Halloween costumes is almost too cute to bear. Seriously, the Minnie Mouse, the banana, the hot dog! So sweet! But when Chrissy mentioned that some of the costumes had been sent to her for free, controversy started brewing and, as always, Chrissy was quick to shut it down.

have you ever seen a more "why me?" face 馃槶

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You can't possibly think I only bought the hot dog

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It鈥檚 hard to imagine being criticized for something so cute, but people found a way, natch. Though Chrissy assured fans upfront that she would be donating the many costumes 鈥渟o other families can get the same joy out of them,鈥 there were those who felt it still wasn鈥檛 cool that Teigen had received them without paying, since Chrissy can afford to buy costumes.

please help I can't stop

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The model explained that sitch is all about biz and not the companies being uber-generous.

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As Chrissy explains, it would be great it the companies matched their gifts to her with donations to needy families, but 鈥渁ll we can do is the best we can on our end.鈥 Totally fair.

And, again, SO CUTE!!!

I'll take this as a no

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Ok ok no

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