Your days of guessing your way to a medium rare steak or cutting into a pink piece of chicken are long gone, friend. Your new cooking BFF, Cinder, will need a permanent spot on your kitchen counter. It knows how to cook everything to perfection. And since it’s 2015, it texts you when your food is ready.


If you’ve ever used or seen a sous vide machine, it’s kind of like that, except better. You don’t need plastic bags or water. If you want your steak cooked medium rare, Cinder knows the perfect temperature for that and will turn off when it’s done. It even keeps your food warm until you’re ready to eat it — no burning.


Unlike other counter cookers, like the George Foreman, Cinder allows you to do frying-pan techniques that go beyond grilling. You can do everything from caramelizing onions and searing steaks to cooking up apple pie filling. The advanced temperature technology lets you keep an eye on your food from the app, and it has the capability to reach high temperatures, making your food nice and crispy, but not burnt or dry. To clean Cinder, just wipe down the cooking plates or pop them in the dishwasher.


To have total control over this cooker, you need the app, which is only available on iOS for now, but by the time they send out the first orders in early 2016, maybe they’ll be on Android too. You can pre-order now for $499 and save on tax and shipping.

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