From brown rice to quinoa, we love our grains. But let’s be real, #AintNobodyGotTime to be waiting around for almost an hour to get some rice. In our fast food and productivity-driven society, it’s all about efficiency. And as much as we love rice, we just never seem to have the time to make it. When we do have the time, we end up overcooking it or we end up with mush because we put in too much water. Lucky for us, this Kickstarter is about to let us quickly cook our rice to perfection while steaming up some veggies at the same time. Healthy home cooked meals just got a whole lot easier.

The Tim3 Machin3 is a rice cooker that not only cooks rice fast and perfectly, but also makes oatmeal, yogurt and quinoa and steams veggies and can slow cook meat. That’s just about a whole dinner and breakfast. And when it comes to boring ol’ rice cooker stuff, the Tim3 Machin3 still impresses, cooking white rice up to 30% faster and brown rice up to 45% than the average American rice cooker thanks to a 900-watt heating element. It doesn’t beat your average Asian rice cooker, which takes about 20 minutes to cook rice, but it brings some other features to the table.

While it’s cooking rice in the bowl, it can also steam veggies and fish in a strainer above the rice. Also, if you’re not a pro at toasting quinoa, the Tim3 Machin3 can toast it to perfection before it cooks it — just be sure to set the cooker to the “Quinoa” setting.

Hungry in the AM? With milk + 15 minutes, the Tim3 Machin3 can even whip up homemade yogurt.

We love how the Tim3 Machin3 saves us time and helps us eat healthy. You can get your own for $58. And, if you love the idea of a multi-purpose rice cooker, check out some of the other products from the brains behind the Tim3 Machin3.

What are you going to cook up in your Tim3 Machin3? Tell us in the comments!