There’s nothing like spending two days in the presence of incredible, creative people to send you on an all-out inspiration high. This past weekend, we let our creative colors fly at Re:Make with all of your talented, creative selves, and got chummy with #girlbosses Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, Brené Brown, Sophia Amoruso, Tyra and so many others. So, tell us: What passions did you uncover at Re:Make? Or if you didn’t get a chance to go, what are you daydreaming about trying next? Because it’s our job not only to inspire, but also to set you up with a way to get it done. Follow your passion to the B+C Classroom for your next hobby or creative outlet. It’s all you: What’s the dream?



Intro to Adobe Illustrator Online Class: Make custom invites for your next shindig, and get the skills to design your own cards, art prints, blog layout (etc.) in Illustrator.


Design Your Brand Identity Online Class: Whether you’re brand planning or just want to learn more about yourself and what you can offer the world, this is the class. Taught by the ever-personable Meg Lewis of Ghostly Ferns, this class teaches you how to capitalize on your quirks to make your brand shine with personality.


Intro to DSLR Photography Online Class: Just get to know your camera already! Your instructor Jenna Kutcher quit her corporate job to follow her far-out daydreams of becoming a photographer, and she just might inspire you to do the same. Learn what all the buttons do, what the settings mean and how to talk camera gear with the best of ‘em.


Portrait Photography Online Class: If you don’t like the idea of being the designated photographer, knowing how to pose subjects and take stunning, natural-looking portraits of your pals, this is not the class for you.


Start Your First Creative Business Online Class: Want to be a vendor at an event like Re:Make? Turn that daydream into action with this 40-minute course. Jess Eckstrom shares how her small business went from starting in 2012 to being featured on the TODAY Show, Vanity Fair and Lucky Magazine — and how you can too!


Build Your Digital Brand Online Class: Are you the next Sophia Amoruso or Katia Beauchamp? Learn how to drive your brand online by first identifying your ideal audience, designing a unique look and nailing your content strategy.



How to Crush It on Instagram Online Class: Take it from someone who’s made herself Insta-famous: There’s a science to building the kind of Instagram that gets followbacks. Irene Kim Shepherd, photographer at SF’s popular Chronicle Books, will walk you through photo styling tips and tricks, mobile photography basics and (for all you brand and business owners) how to post with purpose.

Phone Photography Basics Online Class: Master the ever-trendy “flat lay,” learn how to shoot photos in natural light and discover quick editing tricks that’ll level you up from filters. All from your phone!



Intro to Chalk Lettering Online Class: Are you the type of person who gets nervous while painting? Chalk lettering is the perfect low-pressure hobby, because nothing is permanent. Create chalkboard signage for your home or next event, and remember: You can always start over, smudge and erase!


Fauxligraphy: Pen Calligraphy Online Class: Don’t have the patience to learn calligraphy? Turn your everyday handwriting into fancy calligraphy with just a Sharpie, using Alyssa Thiel’s Fauxligraphy technique.

Don’t forget, you can always mix and match B+C classes, and save while you do.