Sometimes you have to multi-task, and so does your phone. You’re on your commute to work, furiously trying to unsend an email to your boss, while simultaneously attempting to organize your phone contacts. You’re also responding to a group text with your BFFs complete with witty GIFs. Before you know it, your phone battery is at 20 percent, and it’s because you have about two dozen apps open and running in the background. Sound like a typical day?

If you’re anything like us, having too many apps open on your iPhone can make you feel a little frazzled. You probably already know the benefits of closing all those open apps — they can drain your battery, data and more. Well, heres a nifty little trick that can save you some time (and free up some mental space). Swipe with a couple of fingers to close multiple apps at a time!


Just double-click your Home button and all of your open apps will pop up. All of these are no use to you running in the background. So, close ’em.


Take two (or three) fingers and just swipe up. And voilà! All gone.

So, swipe away all those draining apps and give your phone a clean slate.

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