We’ve ALL felt the terror that comes over us after accidentally sending an email that’s a little too snappy to a boss, parent or partner. We no longer need to live in fear of those helpless emotions as Gmail *finally* debuted an “Undo Send” feature for web. This is totally the hottest thing on the email scene since Inbox by Gmail.

gmail undo send

Before you can have this life + job saving feature in your digital arsenal — which has been available on Inbox, FYI — you have to first easily enable it. Simply go into the “General” tab in Gmail settings then scroll down and check “Enable Undo Send” for up to 30 seconds after you initially hit that send/reply button. If “Undo Send” isn’t in your Gmail’s settings, check out this tutorial to get the feature. Then you can start retracting emails all day long! #noregrets

Apparently this saving grace has been in Google’s “Labs” division in Beta since 2009 and for some reason the company just now decided — six year later — it would be wise to allow everyone into this wonderful world. WTF GOOGLE! Oh well, we’ll forgive you since we no longer have to walk on eggshells after sending that late afternoon short + definitely not sweet response. Love you mean it, Google <3

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