Embracing colorful dye jobs is one thing, but bright purple brows? That’s a whole different level of unicorn hair love. And it’s one we quickly fell for — if not on ourselves, then on these badass poster gals — after we dug deep into the technicolor brow trend. After all, color is totally our thing. Check out these 14 candy-colored eyebrows, including an all-pastel pink dye job and mermaid glam styling. We bet it will inspire you to follow suit. Who wants eyeshadow on their lids anyway?

1. Pastel Pink: This nymph-like, all-pastel pink dye job is understated (as far as color dye jobs go) and ultra feminine. If you’re a blonde looking to change things up, this may be the look for you. (via Boat People Boutique)

2. Blue + Blonde: High fashion is embracing colored brows, so why shouldn’t we? This blue brow-blonde hair combo actually works. (via La Fashionelle)

3. Glitter Brows: If you’re not into dying your eyebrows, bedazzle them instead. A little glitter never hurt anyone, right? (via Buzznet)

4. Blue Green: The blue-to-green ombre hair paired with teal brows certainly yields an attention-grabbing combo. Rock it with an all-pastel outfit for the dreamiest look of all time. (via Groteleur)

5. Mermaid: This mermaid-inspired look is so glam we can barely BREATHE. We are completely in love with the seafoam brows and vampy matte lip. (via PopSugar)

6. Blue + Pink: Why hello, Cara Delevingne. Your blue brows really bring out the color of your eyes. (via Boat People Boutique)

7. Bright Pink, Light Pink: Next time you’re rocking the light pink hair, consider opting for a bright pink brow because, well, why not? (via Beautylish)

8. Bright and Bold: These are some seriously bold brows, but we especially love the swipe of contrasting green eyeshadow under the lower lid. A bright matching lip balances out this electric look. (via Anatomy of Beauty)

9. Really Red: Both brunettes and blondes can pair their natural hair with a bold red brow for an edgy, unexpected look. Leave your face and hair product-free to pull this off IRL. (via Scout & Catalogue)

10. Straight Red: Were you blessed with gorgeous red hair and a smattering of freckles? Play up your complexion and natural features with an earthy red eyebrow. (via Dazed Digital)

11. Matching Orange Lips + Brows: Orange October has come to an end, but keep on celebrating that World Series win by matching your bright orange lips with a bright orange brow. #GoGiants! (via Get the Look)

12. All Gold Everything: Dior is never wrong. (via Into the Gloss)

13. Neon Orange: This is just too hot to handle. And how do we style our hair like that??? (via Eyeshadow Lipstick)

14. Rainbow Goddess: If you’re ready to just go all out, why not try this rainbow goddess look? This is some serious color dedication right here. (via Sing Out, Louise)

Which of these colored eyebrow looks do you find most intriguing? Tell us in the comments.