Calling all wannabe Joans and Emma Stones, have we got a hue for you! Within our rainbow of red hair colors, we have a shade for everyone 鈥 from a subtle strawberry blonde to an out-and-out orange. This season, we鈥檙e reclaiming the title of summer color from blondes, so if you鈥檝e been waffling on going red鈥 now is the time! And if you鈥檙e not quite ready to take the plunge, you can still get in on some short-term action with hair chalk or henna dye. Check out these 15 inspirational shades of red to help you decide which is the one for you.

1. Strawberry Blonde Highlights: Keep it subtle with just a hint of red in your highlights, like Scarlett Johansson. This is great for warming up your blonde tones, while providing a segue for potentially going bolder. (via Scarlett Johansson Fans)

2. Total Strawberry Blonde: Amy Adams rocks this look like no other. An all-over strawberry blonde is also a great option for blondes or others who are fair-skinned. (Photo via IGN)

3. Natural Copper Red: Jayma Mays brings it up a level with a more multidimensional color. We鈥檙e approaching more of a true ginger here, but as long as you go for the right hue, this color could work on any skin tone. (via Celeb Mafia)

4. Bright Copper: Another one of our fave redheads, Emma Stone鈥檚 shiny locks also come from a bottle. This is great news for us, because it means we can steal them! We love how this color is just a little lighter at the top, suggesting a natural, sun-kissed look. (via Us Weekly + Featured Image via Revlon)

5. Light Auburn: Lana Del Rey鈥檚 barely-there red is a great option for dark blonde/light brunettes who want to enhance their natural color. (via The Guardian)

6. The Ginge: Here鈥檚 another gorgeous color that can be tinted to suit everyone. Be warned though, it鈥檚 not for the faint of heart. It requires some upkeep, but pairs amazingly with cherry red lips like Karen Gillan鈥檚. (via Marvel Movies)

7. Subtle Chestnut Ombre: Calling all brunettes, jump on two trend bandwagons with Olivia鈥檚 look! This ombre is so subtle it looks natural, but the dash of red at the ends keeps it from being boring. (via Beauty Editor)

8. Absolute聽Auburn: She may be rocking orange locks this summer, but we鈥檒l always love KStew鈥檚 rich auburn tresses. This color is bright and eye-catching while still being simple. If you鈥檙e going to get your red out of a box, we vote for this one. (via Pop Sugar)

9. Chocolate and Auburn Mix: A-list mom-to-be Mila Kunis knows multi-tonal color is awesome for summertime because hair will catch and reflect the sunlight. Mixing some red into your natural color, or incorporating it into your shade of choice, will guarantee you beach babe beauty. (via My Beauty Rules)

10. Plum Red: Obvi this is not one of those, 鈥淚 promise this is my natural color!鈥 shades, but if you have dark hair it鈥檚 a gorgeous way to mix things up. This purplish-red tone will definitely turn heads. (via Global Fashion Initiative)

11. Golden Mahogany: As usual, Queen Bey is fab in every sense of the word. Here, we鈥檙e drooling over her perfect shiny waves. She combines the glow of a blonde with the warmth of a red wood tone for a total to-die-for color. (via Britannica)

12. Cherry Red: This might be our fave color in this roundup. It鈥檚 loud, it鈥檚 proud, it鈥檚 RiRi. This bright cherry color with purple undertones looks especially dreamy on those with olive-toned skin, but we bet it could be suited to anyone. (via 29 Secrets)

13. Berry Highlights: British songstress Cheryl Cole shows even redheads can get away with roots, especially when they鈥檙e framing berry-hued strands. The best part? She does it herself! There鈥檚 hope for all of us who鈥檝e made the color-in-a-box mistake. (via Daily Mail)

14. Highlight/Dip Dye/Hair Chalk: The perfect option for those reluctant to mess with a good thing! Try out some red (or pink) with a highlight or temporary option. While we love Xtina鈥檚 glamorous platinum and pink combo, we鈥檇 love it even more if we could wash it out the next day, no questions asked. (via Huffington Post)

15. On Fire: And finally, don鈥檛 underestimate the power of jumping in with both feet. While the subtle transition can be nice, sometimes your hair calls for a drastic change. Hayley Williams鈥 tangerine hue could be just the move you鈥檙e looking to make. (via ATRL)

Are you ready to trade in your current shade for some red locks? Let us know what color you鈥檙e going for in the comments below!