This past weekend, your feed was probably flooded with all things comic book, fantasy and beyond, thanks to the biggest comic book convention around, Comic-Con. If you’re anything like us, you were probably impatiently waiting by your laptop for a glimpse of the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer. Just because the party ended on Sunday doesn’t mean you have to stop geeking out. Keep those nerd vibes going by DIYing your fave movies and shows on your nails! After touching base with Pokémon Go nails, we’re embracing the full spectrum by bringing you 17 ways to prolong the comic book weekend via geek-chic manis. Scroll below and check them out.

1. Star Wars: Embrace the dark side with these Star Wars digits. This mani is just what you need to hold you over until Star Wars: Episode VII arrives in 2017. You’re welcome.

2. Nintendo: If you’ve ever owned a Nintendo game system, you probably remember some of these characters. For a bit of nostalgia, rock these minimalistic character designs on your nails.

3. Superhero: Whether you love Marvel or DC Comics, this mani will rock your superhero socks off. Use a thin brush to recreate the intricate designs, swipe with a gloss coat and you’re good to go!

4. The Incredible Hulk: Aren’t these nails just smash-ing? Take your love for the Hulk to a whole new level by rocking these abstract character designs.

5. Batman: Need a new set of nails to strut when you watch The LEGO Batman movie? Give this mani a go by using black and yellow nail polish to recreate the iconic design.

6. Harley Quinn: The Joker’s one true love, Harley Quinn, is making her screen debut as part of a villainous team in the movie Suicide Squad. Embrace her OG costume by rocking a black and red checkered design on each of your digits. We think the Joker would approve.

7. The Joker: These Joker nails are everything. If you prefer cosplaying as a villain instead of a hero, these scary designs are perfect for you.

8. Marvel: Marvel has been killing it in the movie department, so you can wear these franchise-repping nails with pride. Your country will thank you.

9. Pokémon Balls: If you’ve been on a Pokémon Go kick lately, this one’s a no-brainer. Accent each nail with a different type of Pokémon ball to help you, you know, catch ’em all.

10. Spider-Man: If you were stoked to see Spider-Man grace your screen in this year’s major blockbuster Captain America: Civil War, then give this web-slinging mani a try. Add a layer of glitter over the base for a wow-factor effect that’s hard to ignore.

11. Star Trek: Live long and prosper. Switch this Spock-tacular mani up by using your go-to summer-ready polish hues.

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12. Pikachu: Okay, one more Pokémon Go pick — this one’s sure to be a conversation starter. Swipe a matte gloss over your nails for a super clean finish.

13. Pac-Man: This mani is all about our fave ’80s arcade game. Accent each nail with your favorite ghost, or mix it up by adding a few fruit pieces. Either way, it’s too cute to pass up!

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14. Zelda: This video game-inspired design is nothing short of amazing. Accent one nail with the triforce symbol from The Legend of Zelda to showcase your favorite Nintendo game (except for Mario, of course).

15. Fandom: Can’t pick just one theme? Try this nerd-overload mani. Rock these nails with an A-line dress and ballerina flats to bring a little cute to your fangirl fingers.

16. Game of Thrones: If you can’t wait till season seven, try this mani stat. Pair it with an LBD for the perfect date night ensemble with your fellow GoT enthusiast.

17. Comic Book: These nail wraps are perfect for the geek-chic girl who’s always on the go. Best comic book nails ever? We say yes.

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