Okay, so by now you’re definitely all caught up on the crazy new app that has completely taken over *everyone’s* lives: Pokemon GO. We know that between catching cute little Jigglypuff and scavenging for the ultimate fire breather, Charizard, your beauty routine probably has fallen behind a little. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered when it comes to keeping all aspects of your life in the Pokemon Go mindset. From a fun Pikachu backpack to yummy Pokemon snacks, you have *almost* everything you need to take on your favorite characters. All that’s left is getting your nails on fleek. So if you’re more Misty and less of an Ash, check out these 10 Pokemon-inspired manicures that are sure to go perfectly with your Pokeball.

1. The Starters: If you’re an avid user of Pokemon Go, then you know these guys are part of the starter pack. Show your love for these OG characters by giving them a little limelight on your nails.

2. Ash Ketchum Claws: Are you all about learning Ash Ketchum’s ways to becoming an awesome Pokemon trainer? Then make sure you jump on this super cool nail art that is sure to inspire your inner scavenger.

3. Charmander Chillin’: Who doesn’t love Charmander and all his orange cuteness. Stay true to your character loyalty with this solo Pokemon mani that your fellow trainers will be jealous of.

4. Togepi Takeover: How adorable is this Togepi-themed nail art?! This egg-shaped little guy will be your constant companion on your Poke-hunt and is sure to keep you motivated to keep playing.

5. Pokeball Presentation: Why just choose one color Pokeball when you can have them all! This trainer manicure is definitely a go-to for anyone looking to start their Pokemon training.

6. Classic Crew: If you were playing Pokemon back when everyone was still trading cards, then you will love this mani. Keep things colorful and animated with these bright nails that are too exciting to pass up.

7. Poke-Pearls: We know that a full Pokemon takeover can be a little much, which is why this manicure is a perfect alternative. Show off your love for the game, while keeping it classy by adding a little glam with some pretty pearls.

8. Pastel Pikachu: Although we do love bright colors, sometimes it’s nice to keep things a little more on the light side. That’s where this mani comes in. Pamper yourself by getting these pastel-painted Pikachu nails.

9. The Squad: Bulbasaur, Snorlax and Weedle, oh my! Give yourself a serious #squadgoals mani which includes some awesome Pokemon, and your favorite trainer too.

10. Talking Togepi: Talk about a mani that is *almost* too cute. Tell your fellow trainers how much you love them with this sweet manicure that literally is begging for hugs.

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