We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the weekend is officially over. We know, we’re in mourning too. But before you start dreading that boring commute to work (or that holiday travel you’re about to embark on — ’tis the season!) we’ve got the five things you NEED for the perfect Monday morning pick-me-up. Whether it’s new jams or a dangerously addictive podcast to replace Serial (Koenig, did it really have to end?), download these essentials, and we guarantee your commute will be fun and stress-free.

1. The Pinkprint by Nicki Minaj: Released on December 15, this latest album by the booty queen is packed with great party music and surprises. In addition to hit songs like “Anaconda” and “Pills ‘N Potions,” the album features collabs with Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Drake. Our suggestion for the week: “Grand Piano.”

2. Candy Crush Saga: The app Windows Phone users have been waiting for is finally here: Candy Crush Saga. This sugary addictive game comes just in time for the candy-filled holiday season.

3. Criminal Podcast: Now that Serial is over and we are patiently waiting for season two, we need a new mystery, who-done-it podcast. Criminal features brief, real-life stories of random illegal activity, like breaking the Internet and counterfeiting money.

4. Infobitt.com: With bias floating around in the media, it can be hard to get just the facts. In a move to fight media bias, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has created Infobitt, which he dubs the “Wikipedia for News.” This free, open content site summarizes news facts and presents “bitts,” one-sentence facts from stories, on the front page.

5. Fashion ID: From editors and designers to stylists and bloggers, this just-updated app connects you to fellow fashion lovers and the latest brands. Get in on the street-style game and sift through friends’ profiles for inspiration. (Free on iOS)

What are you downloading for today’s commute? Let us know below and we could feature it in our next post!