Don’t cry because the weekend is over and the work week has begun. Smile because you’re closer to Labor Day weekendand getting your fingers wrapped around a PSL. Also, the MTV VMAs are this Sunday, which are suuuuure to provide more than a few wild moments to talk about at the office NEXT Monday. Before we can get to all of that excitement though, powering through five days of commuting is required. Check out a handful of musts to make those trips more amusing, below.

1. Man Buns of Disneyland: Clearly the Internet thirst for attractive men and [insert object or place here] can’t be quenched. We’ve seen (and followed) @menandcoffee and @hotdudeswithdogs. But why limit social media accounts to simply hot guys drinking coffee or holding adorable puppies when you can check them out at Disney?! Not to be overshadowed by @dilfs_of_disneyland is this latest man bun-centered and Disneyland-themed Instagram account that you’re sure to be hooked on the whole way to the office. Pro tip: grab a fan to cool off from the sight of all these 10s.

2. That’s So Retrograde (Available on iTunes + SoundCloud): If you’re the type of gal who swears by juicing and is at least mildly curious about Reiki Healing palm reading you’ll more than likely dig this weekly podcast. Tune in as LA-based gal pal hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari discuss with one another and gurus of all types how they are discovering their best-selves, okay-selves or just themselves. Sound like a good time? We think so.

3. Butches + Babies: What’s better than a Tumblr full of adorable photos that also shatters gender norms at the same time? Literally nothing, that’s what. Scroll through this feed pre- or post-office hours, and you’ll discover those that identify as butch holding babies and toddlers, enabling you to believe the world actually isn’t as bad as it seems sometimes, c/o nothing-but-love snaps.

4. Giftawk: We’re certain you can never get enough GIF creating outlets. Since GIPHY CAM was probably not enough for your DIY GIF needs this speech-to-GIF source should be the perfect addition to your lineup. All you’ve gotta do is speak into your mobile device/computer’s microphone and Giphy will translate those words into a GIF board for you to select and send away in convos. You’re gonna be obsessed, trust. (GIF via RealityTVGIFs)

5. You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir: If you’re looking for a modern-day rags to riches story, this is it. Felicia Day, who’s dubbed as an online entertainment pioneer and “queen of the geeks,” shares her real-life tale in this quirky, yet inspiring memoir. Spanning from her humble beginnings to her rise to Internet stardom where she has been able to embrace her weirdness, you’re sure to take away some life goals and tips to channel into your own life after tearing through this one. Snaps to that.

Got your own commute picks you’re using to pass the time this week? Share them with us in the comments.