We don鈥檛 know about you, but we鈥檙e still trying to wrap our heads around exactly what happened on the set of Bachelor in Paradise to make the show halt production earlier this month. Though its been given the green light to resume filming by network execs, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, who were reportedly involved in the fuzzy situation, are still dealing with its fallout. Jackson will likely not聽be returning to the show, if sources are to be believed, and Olympios鈥 lawyers have released an official statement to say that 鈥渢heir investigation will continue.鈥

One person who鈥檚 not reading too deeply into anything that may have occurred in Mexico, however, is Olympios鈥 boyfriend, who just weighed in on the controversy himself.

26-year-old Jordan Gielchinsky told E! that he has 鈥渒nown Corinne for over 10 years and as a friend or boyfriend, she will continue to receive my unwavering loyalty and support until I decide that there is a legitimate reason not to give it.鈥

Gielchinsky, who was reportedly involved with the 24-year-old reality TV star before she ever even signed on to appear on season four of BIP, added: 鈥淚 pay very little attention to the media and try to ignore all the conjecture surrounding my relationship with Corinne. The only two people who know the true disposition of our relationship is Corinne and I.鈥

As for why Olympios would have agreed to take part in the show if she was already attached, sources told Entertainment Tonight that she wasn鈥檛 really looking for love, 鈥淏ut rather, her plan was to hang out, stir up drama, and just have fun.鈥

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(h/t Entertainment Tonight; photo via Matt Winkelmeyer + Frazer Harrison/Getty)