As folks who love to entertain, the search for the right number of coasters and ones that don’t kill the perfectly designed vibe we’ve got going is endless. If you’ve got a big party coming and plenty of surfaces that need protecting or simply want to stockpile cool, colorful coasters, this simple DIY’s for you!

 – cork coasters

– painter’s tape

– acrylic paint

– paint brushes

– pencil (for polka dot eraser stamps)

– optional: heart and star-shaped stickers, spray shellac

For paint, we went with lavender, turquoise, and gold. We also had a few heart and star-shaped felt stickers lying around that made adorable stencils! You’ll want to lay down some cardboard or newspaper before painting.

We’ll start with geometric coasters.

Simply place your painter’s tape on each coaster, creating diagonals and stripes. Paint a coat or two and let dry. Remove the first piece of painter’s tape and place another one in a different direction. Paint with another color and let dry. Done!

We couldn’t resist making a chevron one too, to go with our bar set.

For polka dots, we took a cue from our Polka Dot Popcorn Party Brit Kit.

Dip an eraser in a bit of paint and polka dot! You’ll probably need to do a second layer of dots after the first ones dry.

We also used felt stickers as stencils.

Simply press onto the cork coaster and paint around. The felt makes it easy to peel off but foam stickers would also work really well (and might be more reusable).

All in all, we’re loving our new set of coasters!

How do you customize your barware for your home? Talk to us in the comments below.