We love and support the maker whose artisan-level skill creates a truly one of a kind product, but we’re also ALWAYS down for a good hack. So when a design comes along that encompasses both, we freak. Just imagine the fist pumping, the roof raising (people still do that, right?) and the ankle boot shakin’ that went down when we discovered this sleek looking table that you can build in 60 seconds with nothing but your bare hands.

Core 77 tipped us off to NY-based designer Hyeonil Jeong, the mind behind this clever living room creation. The entire table is made up of only six parts: a circular glass top, four plywood clip legs and the giant centerpiece — a cork stopper — that keeps the structure from tumbling over Jenga-style.

You can just imagine the ease of assembly (clip-clip x2, insert cork!). No manicure ruined, no elbow drained of its grease and no time wasted — a piece actually as easy to build as it is to purchase (Ikea, plz take note).

Besides its near effortless construction, the cork stopper table is also winning major points with its basic = beautiful aesthetic. Those light plywood legs are ripe for staining, painting (would you dip or color block?), washi-fying or whatever method of DIY that fits into your living space. And as Core 77 also points out, the center cork piece could act as the perfect real-life Pin board for stashing your scribbled memos and hand-drawn daily mantras. Or if you’re feeling extra handy (with all that pent up wrench-ready energy and all), you could even outfit the cork with clock hands or enough holes to hold your entire pencil collection.

(h/t Core 77)

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