Star Wars came out in the ’70s and we’re still over here blissfully making Yoda cookies, having storm troopers officiate our weddings and collectively agreeing to ignore the existence of the prequel series.

Though we’re skeptical about the new movies coming out (George, you’ve burned us before) we have to admit that they are looking pretty cool. Our girl Lupita Nyong’o is going to be in them, for one, and the trailers do look pretty boss. Now there’s another reason to feel a new hope (GET IT) for the movies coming out in December.


Star Wars makeup is here and it’s as if a million voices suddenly cried out in excitement and were never silenced. CoverGirl is making a line of cosmetics that ask you to chose between the dark side and the light. This collab with superstar designer Pat McGrath is set to hit stores September 4 and, according to Style Caster, will include 10 mascaras, six lipsticks and three nail polishes all meant to correlate with the bad guys or the good guys in the series.


From the looks of it some of these shades take their inspiration from shiny droids like C-3Po or from storm troopers. The lipsticks look a little futuristic for everyday use but would be awesome to wear to the premiere if you want to jazz up your Princess Leia bikini.


You could argue that part of the reason Star Wars has changed so much (for the worse) is because of promotional tie-ins (see: Jar Jar Binks) but these products look totally cool. This is also a cool way for a big company (though not Maybelline — can you imagine the tagline “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s thousands of midichlorians”?) to acknowledge that, yes, girls can be into SciFi too. All we have to say is the force is strong with this one.

For me? This describes my feelings perfectly.

Want do buy this make up do you? Tell us in the comments you will.

(h/t Style Caster, photos via Covergirl)