Brittany Luiz Is Back to Teach You How to Craft Your Own Lettering Style
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Brittany Luiz Is Back to Teach You How to Craft Your Own Lettering Style

Tired of your lettering looking the same as everyone else’s? Well, we’ve got a class to help you fix that!

Lettering lover and Tombow’s own Brittany Luiz is back to teach you how to craft your own lettering look. In her 54-minute course, you’ll learn how to draw different lettering styles. Then, you’ll learn how to tweak those styles to make it your own!


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You’ll walk away from the class with two final projects. First, you’ll create a stylized alphabet of custom letters unique to you. Then, you’ll use that alphabet as your guide to create your last project: an inspirational quote written in your very own lettering style!

Here’s an example of the alphabet that Brittany will show you how to create during the class.

By the end of this class, you’ll know how to:

  1. Write letters in four styles: script, serif, sans serif, and double-monoline.
  2. Tweak letters by changing the shape and strokes and adding embellishments.
  3. Use Brittany’s recommendations to pair complementary lettering styles together.

You’ll also get access to a 21-page class workbook that will help you practice your lettering skills AND an awesome promo code for 25 percent off on your first set of Tombow pens. Plus, you’ll get FREE shipping on those pens if your order is over $25. Score!

Need more inspo? Head over to Brittany’s Instagram feed to see all of her amazing lettering designs.

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