There are few things in life more special than a cozy house decked out in holiday decor. Now that we are all adulting, or at least trying to, you might realize just how much work your parents put into making things festive. That’s why we’ve teamed up with NBC’s Making It, a new DIY reality competition series, to bring you a super cute and simple holiday decor DIY. Today, we will be making glass jar terrariums decked out with paper snowflakes, faux snow, and little cheerful figurines.

Let’s do this!

Materials and Tools:

  • glass jar with lid
  • faux snow
  • mini reindeer
  • mini trees
  • bakers twine
  • paper punches
  • scissors
  • cardstock
  • hot glue gun

 1. Hot glue figurines to bottom of jar.
2. Sprinkle faux snow into jar.
3. Punch out shapes and add to terrarium.

4. Glue shapes to jar.
5. Attach shapes to jar lid.

6. Add bakers twine bow.

Begin by hot gluing figurines to the bottom of the jar.

Create your winter wonderland by sprinkling the faux snow in.

Punch out snowflakes and any other shapes you’d like to add to your terrarium.

Glue shapes sprinkled throughout inside of jar.

Attach shapes you want to hang to twine and glue to the inside of the lid of the jar.

Tie a bow around the outside of the jar with the bakers twine.

Ta-Da! Now you are set to decorate your desk, mantle, and everything in between!

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