They say that the easiest way to refresh the look of your home is to renew the textiles. But whoever they are, must have a large bank account. Haven’t they seen the prices of throw pillows lately? Yes, they’re hideous. So, naturally, we turn to crafting for a solution, and we can solve the problem in one word: Stenciling. With just a little time and a bit of paint, you can give your pad a whole new look for less. So roll up your sleeves and check out these 15 stenciled textiles that you can do all by yourself!

1. Tea Towels: Tea towels are an easy way to add color to your kitchen. Personalize your flair with these stenciled beauties. (via No 2 Pencil)

2. Confetti Tablecloth: Get your table gussied up with this colorful dotty tablecloth. It’s just perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings and, you know, Wednesdays. (via Oh Happy Day)

3. Pillowcase: Got a few dollars and an extra pillowcase to spare? Then you can totally do this DIY. All it takes is some paint and a metal grate. Trust us. (via Young House Love)

4. Moroccan Rug: A gorgeous Moroccan rug created by us? Yes, you can do it, with just some spray paint and a stencil. (via The 36th Avenue)

5. Triangle Tea Towels: There are probably a million uses for contact paper, and now we’ve made it a million and one. Use it to perfect your stenciled triangles on these lovely tea towels. (via Lovely Indeed)

6. Quote Pillow: Inspire your couch and stencil a quote on the nearest throw pillow. Maybe after napping, you’ll be inspired, too! (via The ReFab Diaries)

7. Sparrow Curtains: Curtains can be pricy, especially when they’re covered with pretty patterns. Save some green by buying plain Jane drapes and adding the patterns yourself! (via Brittany Makes)

8. Neon Napkins: These fun napkins will dress up any table, from summer to Christmas. (via Brit + Co)

9. Giant Tassel Pillows: Need a weekend project? Whip up these giant pillows to make your family and guests more comfortable during those long games of Monopoly. (via The Plaid Palette)

10. Batik Dish Towels: We just can’t get over these adorable towels. This project uses cookie cutters to produce a pretty pattern of hearts. (via Cogs and Cupcakes)

11. Teepee: Your kids will thank you for this creatively stenciled teepee. You can even enlist their help. (via Built By Kids)

12. Patterned Curtains: Add some gold to your curtains to make any room shine with glamour. And then you’ll be able to say, “Oh, I made those!” (via Decor Adventures)

13. Stenciled Shopper: Jump on the reusable bag bandwagon with these stenciled totes, and do your part to be eco-friendly. Your friends will insist you make them one, too. (via Happiness Is Creating)

14. Arrow Pillow: Who says those gorgeous typography arrows have to stay on paper? Use some freezer paper to stencil them on a pillow. You pick your own dazzling color! (via Making Home Base)

15. Patterned Scarf: We’ve all spotted that gorgeous patterned scarf we’d give our left arm for, but never could figure out where it came from. Now you can design your own unique fabric, and no one else will have it :) (via Blog a la Cart)

Do you have a secret textile stenciling project to share? We’d love to know! Spill your secrets in the comments below!