Even if you don’t identify as a creative, you can still benefit from embracing your creativity. After all, tapping into our creative side can have many positive effects in our lives, including mental health benefits. But before you drop big bucks at the craft store buying paintbrushes, calligraphy pens, and scrapbook paper galore (it adds up!), discover which creative outlet is the one for you based on your zodiac sign.

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Pinterest Boards: Aries, you are passionate, hardworking, and ultra-competitive, and, as a result, really busy. It’s unreasonable to expect to find time to paint a mural in your hectic day-to-day schedule, which is why Pinterest is your ideal creative outlet. Pin as you down your morning coffee, in between meetings, and during commercial breaks of your favorite guilty-pleasure show. Beautiful, already-made paintings, clothing, and decor are at your fingertips; now, thanks to technology, all you have to do is put them together in a high-tech collage.


Playlists: Between your Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal subscriptions, it’s likely you’re already making plenty of playlists in your free time, but it’s time to start appreciating this hobby for what it is: a creative pastime. You’re probably a music lover, so we don’t need to tell you that music is art. But putting songs together into your own cohesive, perfectly curated collection requires a level of creativity and skill that not everyone has, so make the most of your proclivity.


Photography: Your curiosity drives you to explore constantly, so you might as well start documenting it through photography. A Snapchat of your matcha tea counts (sorta), but start purposefully documenting your adventures — even the small ones you’d have never considered photographing, like when you take a new walking route to work or cook with an ingredient you’d never heard of until stumbling upon the recipe. A DSLR camera can be a hefty expense, so thank goodness for smartphones, right?


Coloring: Cancer, you have a number of enviable qualities — you’re intuitive, intelligent, and passionate. But you also have the tendency to be a little high-strung. In the past few years, coloring has become practically synonymous with self-care. When you’re feeling a typical Cancer stress sesh coming on, pull out your coloring book and markers and go crazy. If nothing else, the artistic outcome will alleviate some of your tension.


Blogging: It takes someone as fearless as a Leo to put their creations out there for the world (wide web) to see, which is why blogging is the creative outlet for you. With your pick of platforms and topics, the possibilities are truly endless. Incorporate your other passions — whether that’s fashion, food, or traveling — and post about those. Or, if you’re feeling exceptionally brave, go the traditional route and make your blog your virtual diary. You know you’re interesting, Leo, so why not share your thoughts, reflections, and observations with everyone?


Crafting: Virgos are too practical for their own good, which is why crafting is the only conceivable creative outlet. Whether you’re making a macrame table runner or a papier-mâché lampshade, you’ll certainly feel accomplished in the end: You’ll have something you can actually use to show for it, and you’ll have done it on a budget. Good thing you have the smarts to stick with the sometimes complicated instructions!


Painting: We know what you’re thinking: “Painting for the stereotypically artistic Libra? How original.” But even if you’re not the next Monet (it’s okay, neither are we), painting can be incredibly therapeutic. And because you’re so creative, dare to think beyond the average still life: Trace designs and paint them in, paint abstract shapes, or even paint on something besides a canvas.


Journaling: Scorpio, you have a lot of emotions, but that’s part of your charm. Because you feel things so passionately and deeply, you’d make a great writer. Channel all your feelings onto the pages of one of the millions of pretty, artistic journals there are to choose from. Then, in time, look back on these entries and reflect on how you’ve grown and evolved — you’ll feel proud.


Cooking: When one thinks of creative activities, they think of drawing, painting, and maybe even writing; they typically don’t think about cooking or baking. But leave it to a leader like a Sagittarius to take an unconventional creative outlet and own it. Food, when made intentionally, can be an act of art, love, and certainly self-care. So, Sag, buy a cookbook and head to the kitchen — just don’t forget to add your own flair to the food.


Scrapbooking: Scrapbooking is stressful for just about everyone — except the ridiculously detail-oriented Capricorn. Between stickers, paper, stamps, and photographs, there’s a lot to balance, so it’s a good thing that you thrive on organization, neatness, and decision-making. Document your memories your way with a trusty scrapbook that’ll wow friends and last a lifetime.


Hand Lettering: Aquarius, you are a tasteful combo of creative and deep. Put your creativity to work with calligraphy, a lost-and-found art form, and incorporate your imagination by writing some of your own original sayings rather than quoting the words of someone else. Hand lettering isn’t intuitive, but thankfully, it’s fairly easy to learn, and with your stubbornness, you’re sure to get through all the tutorials.


Drawing: Pisces are bursting with creativity. Drawing, in its simplest form, requires only a pencil (or pen) and paper. It can be done virtually anywhere and at any time, so it makes sense that such a creatively inclined person should take up the activity. So, if you don’t already, keep a writing utensil in your back pocket and keep on doodlin’, Pisces — and make a point to not throw them away just because they’re in the margins of your lecture notes.

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